Buddy turns 2!

Buddy’s second birthday was on Sunday, but we gave him an early celebration last Friday at the daycare with his friends/classmates. As mentioned in my earlier post on the preparation dated 12 May, I started preparing for it since March. Admittedly it was a small celebration and not some big party, but even then I spent quite some time checking out the cakes and gift bags.Well, perhaps because I didn’t have to worry about details like venue, food, entertainment or guest list, I was able to spend time customizing the gift bag rather than getting something prepacked from a supplier. It did take a bit of time to get the various stuff and pack the individual bags.

I ordered empty bags from Melody Gifts, which has a wide selection of themed bags, including Frozen. I had initially wanted to get the blue Frozen bag for the girls, but it was out of stock and I didn’t think the pink one was as pretty. My husband suggested the Hello Kitty bag instead since it’s a classic character.

The boys got the Despicable Me bags.

For the favors, I had initially ordered the jumbo LED balls from Bag A Goodie, but my husband advised against them. The ball, which is filled with water, is so heavy that it can be used as a weapon. So I exchanged that for this teddy bear prepacked kit, among other things.

On top of the kit, I added in a bubble blower bottle, a favor cup (Frozen for girls and DM for the two boys and Party Pup for Buddy, featured in previous post), and a mixture of organic snacks from Earth’s Best, Happy Baby and Plum Organic.

As for the cake, my husband and I decided on Cedele’s chocolate sponge cake with raspberry jam, which is light and slightly sweetened, suitable for kids. We decorated the cake at the daycare, and the kids were looking at it intently with anticipation. I got Cedele to provide Buddy’s name on a marzipan, while the cake decors were bought from the US (courtesy of my sister-in-law, Hua), except for the figure two which I got from BreadTalk. The end result turns out to be pretty good. Unlike the fondant figurines, the plastic safari animals can be recycled as toys. In fact Buddy loves them, especially elephant and zebra.
Birthday cake - 2YO

BD cake

I had wanted to include a dog figurine in the decor, but it turns out to be as well I didn’t get it. The 8″ cake was completely filled with the animals, happy birthday candles, plus the 2 football candles and figure two etc.

Buddy was initially a little lethargic and he appeared as if he didn’t have much nap earlier that day. Teacher W told us he was tossing around for 40 minutes when they put the kids to nap at 12.30pm. He wasn’t very enthusiastic when we sang the birthday song to him and even during cake cutting.

But once he started having the cake, his mood lit up and was chomping it down like anything. The other kids also love the cake, and boy, can they eat! Still it was a good thing I didn’t get a bigger cake because it was more than enough. There were only 8 kids out of 10 present, and the teachers didn’t have much of it because they are sick of cake. Buddy almost finished his large slice, and once he was done, he came alive. My husband remarked, “the sugar has kicked in.” Turned out he was hungry earlier.

When the grandparents of one of the boys, K, came to pick him up, I decided to give out the gift bags. The girls were ecstatic when they saw Hello Kitty. But K wasn’t interested in the DM bag, not even when one of the little girls handed it to him. Teacher S had to give it to the grandparents.

The girls couldn’t wait to open up the bags and checked out what were in it. One little girl likes the Frozen cup so much that she took another one from her friend, who started crying out “cup, cup!” I guess this means my sourcing effort was a hit.

We took Buddy to Garden by the Bay on Saturday, since there is a big water playground there, a short walk from the Domes. The Flower Dome is having a French floral exhibition which I wanted to check out as well. I think the management of GbtB must have cut the entry fee because it’s only S$12 for one dome and S$20 for two, before 10% discount for Passion card holder. We thought it was a pretty good deal, and my husband said that Buddy would also have a good nap in the Cloud Forest dome before taking him to the playground. Unfortunately, it was all too much distractions for him, and he only started to nap in the mid afternoon at about 3.30PM. He also refused to nap in the stroller, preferring my shoulder instead. So he didn’t get to go to the water playground then, but at least he got to enjoy playing at the pool yesterday.




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