A Chop Chop review

Ok, I will be upfront that this is a short food review because I need a filler to buy time for other posts. (I set a deadline of one post a week.)

Yesterday my husband and I were at Vivocity, and decided to check out the new (to us, anyway) restaurants for lunch. We were contemplating between Madam Kwan or The Chop House, both offering set lunches. The former doesn’t provide much details on pricing or the types of food available for the set. So we went over to Chop House which has a signage showing S$19.90 for set lunch. We decided to go for it.

Chop House has a clean-line wood decor, with a bright and airy ambiance. The seating for table of four or more are on cushioned chairs, but for table of two, I don’t know why the management chose metal chairs instead.
The set lunch consists of an appetizer and a main course. The choices are rather delectable.
We chose a salad and a calamari for entrée, and for the mains, my husband picked the sirloin and I had the smoked turkey sandwich on sour dour bread.

The appetizers didn’t take long to arrive, maybe because there weren’t a lot of people when we were there during early lunch hour. I like the salad which is lightly dressed in olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar, and it’s rather fresh.
We weren’t impressed with the calamari though, which I find the squid to be a little too chewy, probably over-cooked. Definitely not crispy, despite the name.

The mains are, however, pretty good. My husband likes his sirloin steak which is cooked to his requested medium rare doneness, and served with three types of condimenrs: beet, spicy mustard, and sweet onion. It comes with mash potato and vegetables on the side.

The turkey sandwich is really tasty; the sour dour bread compliments the salty turkey and creamy avocado. The potatoe popcorn that comes with it is crunchy and addictive; my husband didnt hesitate to help himself.


The dish doesn't come like this. I cut it up into half so that it's easier to eat but caused a mess as a result.

Admittedly the portion at Chop House is not big. But that maybe a good thing, so that the diner doesn’t over eat. It is sufficient for lunch. We will definitely return, though next time we will skip the calamari. A note here, I don’t know if the set lunch is available during weekends and public holiday, but it’s definitely a good deal.


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