The ABC of good food

It was only a few weeks ago that we discovered ABC, or Artisan Boulangerie Co., at its latest outlet at Vivocity. Expectedly we have to try the food, to see how it compares with the likes of Paul, Maison Kayser, Baker and Cook, and Tiong Bahru Bakery etc. Besides I’m a fan of Boulangerie. On a side note, we find that, more often than not, the food at these boulangerie tends to be rather good initially. But as time passes, quality starts falling and it’s really not worth paying a premium for crap quality. So far MK seems the only one that has been consistent, though we haven’t been there for several months now.

Back to ABC, we decided to try the croissant, quiche and pie. We didn’t have the food at the premise but had them to go. I requested for the savory food to be warmed up, but it was several hours before we had it at home. I thought my husband wanted the beef pie and so I had the spinach and goat cheese quiche. I have to say, despite it being cold, it was really good! The crust had the right crumbly texture, and the filling was so yummy. My husband was a little peeved I didn’t even share with him. Sorry, but it was so good that I had to finish it. He had the beef pie, and I didn’t ask to try because of my guilt, but I could see he likes it. I also bought a chocolate and banana croissant (something unique), and a chocolate chip pastry. Though we had them only the next day and not even warm up, they were still good.

I like ABC so much that I went to the website to check out where are all their locations. Turns out there is one in the financial district, at Asia Square Tower 2. To be honest I wasn’t exactly very sure where that is since it’s a rather new building. But I wanted the food so much that I decided to find the place on my own. I followed Google Map, which turned out to be a crappy route. Well, I walked. Yes, from Arcade, down to Marina Bay Financial Centre, and then further along. I think it took me 20 minutes or so. When I finally reached the building, I found out it was actually across the road from Lau Pa Sat! I could have taken a more direct route. Bloody Google map!

Anyway the boulangerie at Asia Square is much bigger than the one at Vivocity, with even Al frescos seating available. There seems to be more food selection as well. I see a special chocolate fruit Tart for Mother’s Day which is not promoted at Vivocity.


Entrance of ABC at Asia Square Tower 2

I ordered a chicken pie for my lunch and got a quiche for my husband (since I owe him one). The savory food comes with side salad, like at Baker and Cook (though strangely we didn’t get that for our order at Vivocity). Unfortunately I didn’t take picture of the chicken pie, but I can tell you it is fabulous! The chicken is so tender, and the pie crust is tasty.

Last weekend we were at Vivocity again, and of course we had to pop by ABC. This time I managed to take some pictures of the cafe and the offerings.

We didn’t try the bread, but my friend, Christine, who did, doesn’t think much of it.

The sweets.
My husband tried a fruit tart, which I got for him from the Asia Square outlet. He finds that there isn’t enough custard, and the tart isn’t as good as the one from Paul. Christine had tried the chocolate éclair and she was no impressed.
This time I bought a chocolate lava cake, which I share with Buddy. Upon tasting it, h went, “Mmmmmm..”, with a high satisfied look on his face. Yes, it has received a thumb up from him. I can understand why; even though we didn’t warm it up, but once I cut it open, the chocolate lava flows our slowly. It is rich and smooth, albeit a little too sweet for me. So I gave Huddy mostly the cake with a little lava. The cake itself is moist with a teensy bit saltish, which goes very well with the sweet lava.

The croissants are still pretty good. My husband, who had the almond croissant, remarked he could taste the different layers and thought it would be fabulous when freshly baked.

The savory products are the highlight of the food.
We had a roasted chicken sandwich in a baguette, and a goat cheese and pepper sandwich in a soft bread. I find the crusty baguette a little too hard for me, but other than that the ingredients are good. I love the goat cheese sandwich which goes very well with the pepper paste; creamy with a slight heat to the taste.

We noticed a sign at ABC promoting brunch. My husband declared that we should go for it this Saturday.

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