Preparation for Buddy’s second big day

I know I might have been a little competitive or “kiasu” in local lingo, but I started the preparation in March. That’s like 3 months before Buddy’s second birthday! And I’m not even organizing a birthday party. Well, not exactly. The thing is, Buddy doesn’t have play dates since he’s been in day care from infant age. Now that he’s in toddler class, his classmates, whom he “knew” from infant care, are like his friends. So he will be celebrating his birthday with them in the day care.

I didn’t involve Buddy in the preparation because he still doesn’t really understand the concept of birthday, and he still can’t fully articulate what he wants. I guess his involvement will come in next year. So I took it upon myself to plan for the little celebration, with input from my husband. He had initially suggested cute 3D cupcakes instead of a birthday cake. I had no idea where to start enquiring, and so went online to check out. I found an article on Sassy Mama which provides tons of information on how to plan for a kid’s birthday in Singapore.

There is a list of cake suppliers in the website, and I contacted a number of them like Cake Over Heels, Jumi Cakes and Let Them Eat Cakes etc, which have fabulous looking 3D cupcakes. I was looking for those with dog figurines because Buddy loves dogs, and COH has one design of maltese dogs which are really cute. But each cupcake costs S$10! I will have to get at least 15 for minimum order. That is rather steep; in fact my husband remarked, “are they offering gold leaves?” So I looked at cakes instead. But it turns out a 3D cake is even more expensive, at more than S$250.

In addition I found out that the 3D figurines and the top layer of the cake is made using fondant, a type of icing sugar. I also read a review from someone, who had a 3D cake for her birthday, in addition to raving how beautiful the cake was, also added that it was a little too sweet. Given an adult to say that, imagine how it would be for a 2 years old – like giving cocain to a kid. The toddlers are going to end up jumping around like they are tripped up. And I certainly don’t want Buddy to have sugar overdose, which will be criminal. So it’s no to fondant.

I then turned my attention to looking for cream cake with doggie image like these below.



I enquired with Pine Gardenwhich is known for very good cakes, but was told that the design I wanted had to be done on a 2kg cake. That is way too big for a class of 10 toddlers and two teachers. My husband then suggested I get a themed cake from Polar or Bengawan Solo cake shop, since kids go for such cutesy designs. But I baulked since they are not known for good cakes, at least not up to my expectations. My husband then told me to get a standard cake from Cedele, which we are sure of good quality, and we can get cake decorations from Amazon. This I accept since Cedele makes good cakes which are not overly sweet, and we can decorate the cake ourselves with items that Buddy is interested in.

Now the reasons why we are checking out decorations from Amazon is because there are a lot more selections from the US and also they are also significantly cheaper than those available in Singapore. But Amazon turns out to be more expensive than the exclusive party suppliers, and I discovered Party City, which is pretty big in the States. They have a whole lots of themed supplies which are not available here, such as the party pup theme. The downside is Party City and the other American suppliers don’t accept international credit cards and naturally don’t ship internationally as well. So I had to ask my sister-in-law, Hua, in Boulder to get them and ship to me. Turned out I didn’t have to pay because it was Uncle Francis and Aunty Hua’s gift for Buddy. (Thank you so much!)

When I was perusing through the supplies, and I have to admit many were tempting though inappropriate for the little celebration, I noticed some cartoon themes that I wasn’t familiar with, like “Frozen”, which I had not heard of. Subsequently I found out from a Huffington Post article that this was a mega-hit animated Disney movie, and the merchandise were, and still are, selling like hot cakes, and in fact mostly sold out. I didn’t see the theme available in the Singapore party supply sites then, and thought it would be nice to get something for the little girls in the class. (The Frozen supplies are now available, thought in limited selection.)

So here what I ordered for my Buddy’s birthday celebration. These are the items for the cake.


Buddy loves to play soccer, this will be a lovely surprise for him


My husband wants this colorful birthday candles to brighten up the cake


Safari animal cake toppers, which can be toys for Buddy after the celebration

We are going to decorate the cake with the animals playing soccer in front of the birthday candles.

For the kids, they will get these cute dessert plates for the cakes.


Frozen plates for the girls.


Party pup plates for the boys and adults. I got Hua to get these from Discount Party Store which has cuter picture.

Then there are the favor cups for the kids.


Frozen favor cups for the girls - pictures of both Anna and Elsa on the cup


Despicable Me cups for the two boy classmates


Party pup cup for Buddy

I am also getting some party favors locally since they are relatively cheap and not available from the American suppliers, like the LED sparkly balls from Bag A Goodie. As well as these cute themed party bags from Melody Gift. I am thinking of getting the hand carry non-woven Hello Kitty bags for the girls, though I am still deciding whether to get the similar Despicable Me bags for the boys, or perhaps the horizontal DO bags would be more appropriate for them. Anyway each kids will receive two toy balls and a favor cup in addition to a gift bag, for the time being while I’m considering if I should I add more.

I had bought some sticker sheets, and little fans for the girls a couple of months ago. But my husband is concerned that the stickers may not be appropriate for the 2 years old since some may put the stickers into their mouth. (We have received favor bags with stuff which are not age appropriate for Buddy, and want to make sure we provide safe favors for his birthday.) But at least we have decided on the birthday cake and how to decorate it.


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