The lighter side of the cheongsams

The modern cheongsam has now evolved to be a fun and sexy dress, which I’m sure the Manchurians wouldn’t have imagined. Sure, those six feet under would be turning in their graves, but we should be looking forward, instead of stagnating. (Look at what stagnation did to the Qing dynasty and those before them.)

There is an increasing availability of cheongsams for little girls, some of which are really pretty. Miz Apparels is one boutique which offers adorable little dresses; like these two that I bought for my nieces.

This dress above has a bubble hemline because the hemline is folded to fit a one year old baby. It can be lengthened as the little girl gets older, since it’s made for a 5 years old. I love the poodle print!

This is a really cute dress with faux elephant buttons to complement the elephant print. It’s been fitted for a 3 years old though it’s for my niece’s 2 years old birthday present. I guess it may be a little big for her; and like the one above it can also be lengthened to fit her as she gets older.

Now to the fun and sexy side of the cheongsam.

Out Bitsy Prints launched its latest collection (#12!!!) in late April, that included two new designs.

This flared A-line backzip dress is inspired by Valentino A/W 2013 collection which took inspiration from the beautiful painting of Vermeer’s “Girl with a pearl earring”.
Valentino designs:

I like this modern cheongsam interpretation which, according to Melanie from OBP, has a slimming effect on pear-shaped ladies, as well as lengthening the torso. She sent me a piece. I don’t know about the slimming effect since I’m not pear shaped, but it does lengthen my physique. It’s also rather comfy and easy to put on since it has a backzip and no buttons. Best of all, it’s a versatile wear for moms with young kids, unlike the more constricting straight-cut design.

OBP also launches the same design in other prints.

I don’t think the prints are age appropriate since they are too kiddy for me, particularly the panda dress. I think they are more suitable for little girls, not even for those ladies in their 20’s.

Anyway these A-line dresses are cheaper because it is easier to sew them than those with buttons and side zip.

Another new design is the asymmetrical cheongsam dress.
This is a pretty interesting design, and a totally fun dress, though I have reservation about the purple print on top. Still I think this will appeal very much to the younger ladies. The shortest part of the dress is 33″, and OBP advises against ladies taller than 1.60m getting it. But I won’t be surprised that some young ladies will wear it as a mini dress. Bear in mind it will end up not sexy, but slutty.

Then there is the usual flare skirt side zip dress.

OBP also launched a restock of their drop-waist dress.
Again I feel the French bull dog print is a little kiddy and I’m not into the dull orange color.

I spotted this sexy cheongsam from Shanghai Tang at the window display at the Takeshimaya store. The designer has cleverly made the dress looks sophisticated despite the short length, and it is a head-turner. But there is a caveat: you must have a fabulous body to pull this off. Not even the slimming underwear from Mark and Spencer will help you if you don’t have fabulous legs to go with it.


4 thoughts on “The lighter side of the cheongsams

  1. Thanks for the mention Maria! 🙂 Was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see a pic of yourself in the ‘Abstract art berries’ dress. ;p

    • Hi Melanie,

      Unfortunately I’m only collecting the dress from the alteration shop tomorrow. The shop is experiencing high volume and so has taken longer to fix the dress.

      Regards Maria

      On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, petulantchild wrote:


  2. Hi!

    I’m so glad to finally find a blog with so much information about cheongsams! I’m a petite size so many times I would like to tailor made my cheongsam in Singapore at a more affordable price but I’ve really no idea where I can go to. Any recommendations pls?

    Thanks in adv! 🙂


    • Hi Iski,

      What is considered affordable tailoring for you? If you want well made cheongsam, I’m afraid you have to pay at least a few hundred dollars for it. I will recommend kang’s boutique.

      I’m petite size too, but I still get off the rack cheongsams and have them altered by a professional. They are still cheaper than tailored made ones. But of course you’re assured of a unique dress when it’s tailored.


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