A look at Happy Cheongsam’s new collections

The Happy Cheongsam launched its mother – daughter cheongsam sets in late March called ‘Super Mama Collection’, and last Saturday, the second collection was launched as well. For the former, only three sets are available and they are based on the straight cut cheongsams from the first collection. Min from THC has rightly used models to showcase the new dresses, particularly an absolutely adorable toddler girl modeling for the kiddy cheongsams. THC offers them for little girls as young as 1 year old. Miz Apparels, a boutique that specializes in Korean- made clothes and cheongsams, also offer them for little girls. But the dresses are made for 4 or 5 years old, and if you want them in smaller sizes, you have to pay S$12 for alteration. Though the dresses can be altered back to fit the growing girl.

So here are the three sets from THC, the Super Mama Collection.


Flawless Rose



Spring Vinty


Take A Side


Of these three, I find the daughter design for Spring Vinty the cutest. You can see from above that the daughter dresses come with matching headbands. The sets are not available immediately but require pre-order, and according to the store they will be available within 5 weeks.

Now to the second collection of THC. Min crafted a story called ‘Elves Garden’, and I was pretty intrigued when I read the teaser.

Elves Garden, is an enchanting story about an elf girl going on an ENGLISH PICNIC by the magical LAKE CRABTREE in the RED FOREST.

In the midst of her journey, she meets new friends PEACOCK FAIRY and the REDRIDING HOOD in the SECRET GARDEN.

I was really looking forward to the pictures, and they appeared on Facebook last Friday afternoon. My reaction was “oh. This is it?” Yep, I was rather disappointed. I was hoping that the collection would top the first, but unfortunately there is only one dress that is a standout. Min came out with only 6 designs this time, nothing wrong there since it’s a hefty effort to launch a collection. There are five dresses and a cheongsam top.

This one, Secret Garden, is similar to the flare dress cheongsam from Our Bitsy Prints. But unlike those from OBP, the collar is too short and hardly looks like a cheongsam dress from the pictures. It didn’t strike me when I checked out the first collection, until I wore the dress, Tiffany’s Breakfast. I told Min then that the collar has to be at least half an inch higher. My beef with this dress is not just the collar, but also the cushion cover-like floral prints. My husband, who saw the dress, remarked, “going for a picnic? Yeah the dress can double up as ground mat.”

This is another flare skirt cheongsam. Deja vu. I find the print too kiddy, reminds me of those found on my son’s shirts. If I put it on, it would definitely be age inappropriate.

THC website described this dress “English Picnic” has a flare skirt, but it looks like A-line to me. Also the picture description below mentioned “unlined”, however in the website it’s indicated otherwise. Anyway the dress has a french inspired print of rooster and flower basket contrasting with polka dots. The combination on the cheongsam looks odd to me.

Another A-line cheongsam with another kiddy print, which reminds me of sticker decal for kiddy room. Pass!

This is an outstanding dress with a beautiful peacock print. But the proportion doesn’t look right; either the peacock should be a little smaller or the dress should be longer. And please raise the collar.

The only top available in the collection. It’s alright, albeit a little youngish; and it doesn’t match the shorts at all.

Min has accepted my suggestion on the collar but this will only be seen in the fourth collection. Meanwhile I guess it’s best I leave my expectations open.


2 thoughts on “A look at Happy Cheongsam’s new collections

  1. totally agree on the collar part. Granted nowadays the modern woman most probably wouldn’t prefer a high strangling presence around her neck but these collars fall into the “tshirt with small neck holes” category. These should at least be some “stand-up” effect.

    • Yes, and I’m happy to say that Min from THC took my advice and will incorporate the higher collar for the 4th collection. The 3rd collection is already in production and so she can’t change it.

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