Buddy and Wowo

I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts last year, when Buddy was 16 months old, he started to develop an interest in animals and still is. He is fascinated by birds, cats, fishes, and dogs in particular now. When he was still in infant care, the teachers taught the babies a song on animal sounds where a dog is “wowo”, pig is “oink oink” with a finger pushing up the nose tip, bee is “bzzzz” and lion is “roarrrrr” with both hands up and ready to pounce, etc. Since then Buddy has learned to say the names of some animals such as “bird”, duck”, “frog”, and so on. But he still insists on calling a dog “wowo”, despite me trying to correct him. (Yet he can call a baby dog “puppy”). Still “wowo” has been quite effective to make Buddy does what we want him to do. When my husband tries to take him home from the playground, he will tell Buddy, “Let’s go see Wowo.”

We have a neighbor who has a Westie, and whenever we walk past the house, Buddy will stop in front of the patio gate and point to it (with a faded Westie guard dog sign) and call out “wowo!” But the doggy has an aloof attitude and not taken in by Buddy. There are other pet dogs in the neighborhood, and one of them is this very friendly Japanese Spitz. Buddy is not afraid to pat her since she is the size of a toy dog. But when it comes to bigger dogs, he is more discerning, and will stand a short distance away from the reach of the dog and wave instead. He has charmed many dog owners and walkers when he waves hello and farewell to their dogs.

When Buddy turned one last year, I got him a doggy balloon. But he was too young to appreciate then, and kept hitting at it. When he was around18 months, I decided to introduce the doggy to him again, and took it back to the shop to refill with air. Buddy was so excited when he saw it, and took the “doggy” for a walk. It was quite a sight: Buddy wearing a doggie bib walking a balloon dog.


Good doggie!


Let's go for a walk


Run, doggy, run


Faster, doggy, faster!


Does doggy want a rest?


Let's go get a snack

In addition to the Skip Hop bib, we also got Buddy the doggy cutlery set last Christmas. My husband wanted to get the luggage as well but I thought it was too early for that. I’m planning to get him the bag when he is slightly older. Some weeks ago, we were at Ikea, and Buddy saw a big doggy soft toy, and he immediately hugged it when we gave it to him.

Buddy has eczema, and we had not bought any soft toy for him because of it. Whatever such toys I had in my possession were given away after Mamacita advised against him having them. But his eczema problem has since subsided and he doesn’t have flare up now, except when he has an infection. So we got him the cuddly doggy, which he slept with in his cot. Unfortunately, despite washing it, Buddy’s eczema started appearing on his cheeks. It looked like the soft toy is causing him to have dust allergy. So my husband took it away.

I also got Buddy a cushion with a picture of a Jack Russell terrier, which Buddy likes more than the soft toy. In fact he doesn’t even miss the doggy. Again the cushion is with him in the cot, which Buddy hugs every night when we put him to sleep.
My husband is thinking of getting Buddy a dog when he is older, and he will have to take some responsibility to care for it. Right now at 21 months he has to make do with the cushion and balloon.


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