The Blum Cheongsams

Blum, as usual, launches new cheongsam designs every week, although they only ramp up during the last few weeks before CNY, which is only a month away.

The below purple dress, which also comes in red, is a pleated A-line, a design which is flattering for the pear-shaped body type. But I’ve no idea what’s with the bow at the side waist. It would be better if it is a waist tie instead.


I thought this is a pretty print, reminds me of undersea corals. Though I’m not a fan of the front key-hole design, but I will make an exception for this dress, especially since it has cap-sleeves and my favorite straight-cut sillouette.


Blum is recycling last CNY collection and the below cheongsam is one of them. (I checked out so many of their cheongsams that I actually have recollections that a dress looks familiar and true enough, I featured this dress in my post “Cheongsam galore or NOT” dated 13 December 2012.) This is a chic dress, but please ditch the necklace. If you want to accessorize, go for earrings instead. In fact if you wear this with piled-up hairdo, with shoulder duster earrings, you’ll look stunning.


This is a sensual-looking cheongsam in red Japanese kimono-inspired print. Again ditch the necklace which is totally unnecessary. I’m not sure if the belt comes with the dress, but at least that’s acceptable.


A beautiful cheongsam in Chinese water-color print of peonies.


An interesting straight-cut modern design with panels of different red tones. It’s not easy to pair different panels on a dress. I didn’t get to look at the fabrics very closely but they do look similar and so they work in this case.


Then there is the psychedelic print which designers have a tendency to go for. If you look at it long enough, you might start seeing others in the same psychedelic colors.


Below are pictures of cheongsams that Blum put up outside their Clifford Center boutique. I haven’t seen the dress below on display yet. It looks to me like a batik print, and it looks drab on picture.


The dress below has similar design to the red Kimono-inspired one above, though the latter is more outstanding.


Cheongsam with batik print, as seen on model and on the rack. Personally I don’t like the multiple key-hole design on the chest.



I have also seen a couple of other dresses, recycled from last year, on the mannequins. I’m not sure if Blum is selling them at discount or not at all, like Miz Apparels. I guess the boutique launched so many designs last year that they decided to recycle some of them.


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