The arrival of the 2014 cheongsams

Ever since One Raffles Place building closed for refurbishment, I thought I wouldn’t have many boutiques to cover for the 2014 Chinese New Year cheongsam collections. But I found out recently, after receiving a text message from Miz Apparels, that the boutique has moved to Marina Bay Financial Center #B2-13, and new fusion cheongsams are now available for the festive season. So naturally I have to check them out.

It was also my first time checking out the retail shops at MBFC, which has a lot of F&B outlets as well. I wouldn’t for here regularly though, since it’s more than 15 minutes from my office and that will eat into my lunch hour. Anyway at Miz Apparels’ window display, there is a matching mother-daughter cheongsam set with red cherry print.

The mommy dress also comes with a bow tie at the waist. Frankly speaking, I find the print too busy for my liking.


Most of the new cheongsam designs have flared bottom, with a couple in A-line, like the one below which comes in mommy-daughter set as well. They don’t offer straight-cut design this year. The adult dresses are S$159 each whereas the little girl dresses are priced at S$69 each. The size caters to 5 or 6 years old though Miz Apparels do customize for little girls who are younger, even aged one. What the seamstress does is she would fold up the fabric to provide a shorter length, and as the little girl gets taller, the mom can have the fabric taken out to lengthen the dress.


This is another set in flared bottom in purple and Russian dolls print on the top, which I thought looks rather whimsical. It also comes in pastel blue which I think looks prettier. Unlike the little girl cheongsams from SisSae which can be a little too formal, the ones from Miz Apparels are suitable for going out, church, family dinners etc.


Miz Apparels also offer last year’s designs thought there doesn’t seem to be any discount in prices, unlike at Blum. I can understand their rationale since the cheongsam is a classic dress. Whether it’s the latest design or was bought 10 years ago, it is as wearable as ever, like the white shirt. Of course as shopper, we always like to see sale for past year collections.

I found out that Miz Apparels has clothes for boys too, though not in CNY style.

There is a store at Parkway Parade 3rd floor called “Utopia” which offers cheongsams in batik prints and they are all in-house designs. What interested me was the piece on the right, a cheongsam romper, an interesting design that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Though possible reason is that it’s a hassle to go to the bathroom in this outfit, where you practically have to undress to pee. Still I like the color combination of the fuchsia pink with mustard yellow batik print, and even tried it on. Unfortunately the S size is a little short in length and rides up on the crotch area, and the M size is out of stock. I was shown other color combinations which don’t stand out like this one. Anyway it would also have been better if it was a cheongsam top with batik shorts to make it easier in the bathroom. This piece is priced at S$69, and is unlined. As for the one on the left, it is a halter-neck casual piece.


This is the usual straight-cut design but with batik print. The layered sleeves give the dress an interesting touch. Perhaps I will give this a try when I visit the shop another day.


Moonriver Suite at Raffles Xhange has a fusion cheongsam, though the only cheongsam-like feature is a row of white buttons on the left upper chest. Maybe this design is meant to be retro because it has pink rose print, which looks just aunty-like.


Another boutique, also at the Raffles Xchange retail, is Yacht21, which launches it’s first cheongsam for 2014. It looks just plain average.


At the same retail space, there are temporary stores selling all kind of stuff including clothes. Last week there was one selling cheap women wear including cheongsams at below S$50. The designs sure reflect the prices.



A boutique called “Ashley” located on 3rd floor of The Arcade building has a couple of modern cheongsams on display. This below is the more presentable one.


My next post will feature dresses from Blum which requires a dedicated post, since it’s starting to pour cheongsams at the boutique.


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