As the cheongsam steps out of the closet

Actually the newly-launched cheongsam doesn’t step out of the closet, but from the factory or tailor’s work desk. But where it comes from doesn’t matter as long as the design is fabulous. Unfortunately, so far, there is none from the latest display.

It seems to me that, for the initial launch, Blum’s designers are obsessed with dresses with key-hole design, or maybe that’s the new trend for the cheongsam? Take a look at this dress from the boutique. The wearer might be mistaken for trying to pass off as a table cloth though.


This display from another Blum boutique shows the same dress, and another in similar design with cap sleeves.


George’s Couture at Raffles Xchange has its own cheongsam with a front triangular opening, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in this auntie floral print.


Blum has also the conventional straight cut dress. But the print looks so busy!


The cheongsam has pretty faux flower-shaped buttons and I like the combination of the pink piping and the green colored fabric. It’s a pity about the busy panel that covers most of the front.


I spotted this cheongsam at Hana’s window display and was amazed by how much it would take to see the sequins and beads on this opulent dress.

Personally I think this dress is over the top with the busy beading that resembles an overgrown coral and seaweed patch. When my husband saw it, he exclaimed, “is there an LED switch? Will it play Hokkien song?”


Hana has simple cheongsams which are more elegant. I like this lime green dress with floral embroidery.


Then there is the typical lace cheongsam from Hana.


George’s Couture also offers the conventional lace cheongsam dress in this pale pink design.


I’m featuring a non-cheongsam below, which is a mandarin jacket that also comes in red color, from Blum. I thought it goes very well with a simple dress.



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