A healthy eat (updated on 20 Nov)

My colleagues and I had our team lunch again, when we celebrated the closing of a pretty good year and the hard work put in by all. I had to find a venue which also caters for vegetarian, and Sherine has this Epicurious app on her phone which she promptly used to provide a number of suggestions. Of course other colleagues also had their preferences, and one suggested the Edge at Pan Pacific Marina Hotel, that offers buffet-style live station cooking. I called up to make reservation but was told it was fully booked!

Using Sherine’s app, we decided to go for this restaurant that serves organic food, Onaka, located at Alexandra Retail Center. On it’s website the restaurant claims that it serves creative conscious cuisine that is a fusion between Asian and western, and only all-natural products are used. The reviews on HungryGoWhere are generally positive; and there are a few interesting dishes like a watermelon sashimi. The restaurant also offers pretty reasonable set lunches. According to the website, almost 50% of the menu is vegetarian, so that would be appealing to our green colleague.

We arrived shortly after 12noon, and the restaurant was relatively quiet with only one table occupied. I was a little concerned about it and wondered if this meant that the restaurant wasn’t popular. But it turned out I didn’t have to worry because it started filling up soon after.

All of us ordered the set lunches though I was the only one having the 3-course set.
I had the crab cakes for starter, the Alaskan King crab linguine for main and the sampler of the signature desserts for sweets. Sherine ordered the Pear and Salmon for starter and the linguine as well for main. She didn’t want to have dessert as she wanted to have another starter, the watermelon sashimi. This is a very interesting dish where the fruit is made to resemble salmon. It’s garnished with grated ginger and serves with light soy. Even the texture (at first bite) would make you wonder if it was really water-melon. Sherine likes it a lot, though I am ambivalent as the accompanied seaweed imbues the watermelon with a fishy taste.


A colleague had the Frisée Aux lardons salad from the premium set, which comes with duck bacon, beetroot and egg; and the light mustard dressing goes very well with the ingredients. I like this salad.


I didn’t really like the crab cake starter; I thought it was a little over-done. The curried Aioli was also one note, and the whole dish felt rather bland.


On the other hand, I like Sherine’s starter of pan-fried salmon with julienne pear. The salmon was cooked to the right texture and it was very refreshing to have it with the sweet pear. Sherine herself preferred my crab cakes and so we swopped starters.


A couple of co-workers had the steak frites for main, which comes with sweet potato fries and steamed garden vegetables. They said the steak was really good.


As for the long-awaited Alaskan king crab linguine, that was a little disappointing. Instead of the pasta, udon was used and I thought it didn’t seem right. The sea urchin carbonara sauce was not as appetizing as a tomato-based one, maybe because it is miso-based? (At least that’s what I thought it is.)


My vegetarian colleague had a Fennel and Celery salad for starter, and the VBLT panini for main. That’s a lot of greens.



Finally the sampling of signature desserts.

I didn’t realize there was no picture of the dessert until it was brought to my attention. And only then did I also realize that there was no description of it either. I have to blame the mobile version of WordPress which didn’t save my finalized post.

Anyway this is sampler platter of signature desserts: brownie, avocado and chocolate mousse, and a melon sorbet.


The brownie was average( but I like the mousse (Avo-Choco emotion) which has two of my favorite ingredients, chocolate and avocado. It comes with a banana wafer, and pretty yummy. The last dessert is a sorbet of some melon, maybe honeydew, but there were bits of chunky ice in it which spoils the texture.


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