A mid-autumn flower trip

A couple of Saturdays ago, we took Buddy to Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) where the Flower Dome was having a mid-autumn flower display. There was a 15% discount on tickets for Singapore residents, so I bought entries into both the Flower and Cloud Forest domes. (Buddy enters free as he’s a baby.) There were celebratory festivities at the outside gardens on 19 Sep evening. Since it fell on a working day, we couldn’t have gone for it anyway.

At the main flower display inside the Flower Dome, there were various blooms of hyacinth, daisies and pansies bursting with colors. In the midst were the ubiquitous items like the lanterns and mooncake boxes. After all, what is mid autumn festival without them? There were also signboards with information tidbits on the festival, placed strategically around the flower beds.



Hanging embroidered tassels on a flower display.


Giant dragonflies perched atop the flowers.


We were fascinated by the giant egg with Mid-autumn image and poem inscribed on it.


A beautiful hyacinth stands out with it’s glorious bloom.


Pergolas have been erected around the flower display, and they are a hit with the visitors. Plenty of cheesy posed as well.

This was our second visit to the Cloud Forest dome. During our first, when Buddy was only a couple of month old, we didn’t get a chance to check out the place entirely. Then, I thought it was a little boring because there was too much greenery and very little color. But the cool environment makes for a pleasant and relaxing walk. My husband even wished there were lazy chairs around so that he could have a nap on the spot. Anyway the waterfall at the entrance may not look like much, but Buddy was intimidated by the loud noise.


Flowering orchids on the wall of the tower.


There is even a running train with the station next to a tree (a giant bush really).


Wild orchid and ferns


A photogenic display of tropical high-land plants and flowers in the middle of a water feature, located at the highest level of the tower.


A view of the waterfall from the top.


This is a long way down


I had contemplated getting a Garden family card, but considering that we don’t visit the domes often and the F&B benefits are not exciting, the card doesn’t seem appealing. Anyway one peeve I have with GBTB is the outside gardens where there are not many large trees to provide shade. Walking around on a sunny day (which is most days) comes at a risk of getting heat stroke. This is a real pity since the gardens should be enjoyed at all time of the day.


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