Buddy’s first national day

We just had a long weekend here in Singapore, when last Thursday was Hari Raya Puasa (or celebration of Eid Mubarak, the end of fasting period for the Muslims), then Friday was Singapore’s 48th National Day (like 4th of July). The week before the teachers at infant care reminded us to put on red and white attire on Buddy last Monday, when the Sparkletots preschool and daycare celebrated National Day. Red and white being the national colors. (Considering the center is set up by PAP charity foundation, it’s not surprising that they’re obsessive about it. After all the party is notorious for equating themselves with the country despite the absurdity.) So I had to specially get a red colored polo shirt and white pants for Buddy.

When I took him to infant care in the morning, he was the only baby in red/white attire although not all the babies had arrived. The head teacher, Allison (who herself was also in red/white) was really pleased when she saw Buddy.

Anyway on National Day, we took Buddy to the Jacob Ballas’ Children Garden (located at the Botanic Garden) since we had never stepped into it. In fact I didn’t even know it exists until I saw the pictures of Liam at the garden when Natasha brought him there when he was younger.

When we arrived, Buddy was napping, and so we had a drink at the cafe called ‘Bliss Kidz Cafe’. I think I know why the word ‘bliss’ is added to the name. The cafe offers mainly fried food like fries and chicken wings, and I could see a staff working non-stop on the fryer. Expectedly there’s ice cream and soda, though the cafe also offers baby purée. But toddlers and older kids would be happily (or blissfully) chomping down on fries, if not chips, and downing soda or fake fruit juice (laden with sugar). Still the cafe is a very nice place to chill out; there’s an airwell in the middle of the entrance hall, right next to the cafe, and there’re big fans circling on the ceiling, generating a nice cool breeze. My husband remarked that if he had a reclining chair, he would have napped like Buddy too.

As we were chatting, I glanced at Buddy and found him looking at me with his eyes wide opened, then he started babbling. I was taken aback, wondering if there was something wrong. But my husband was nonchalant; Buddy must be fascinated by the new surrounding. I had dressed him in the national day outfit, and I’ve to admit, it being outdoor, the attire wasn’t exactly appropriate for the weather.

There was a water playground at the garden but we couldn’t let Alex play there. We also avoided the sand pit. Unfortunately the tree house with the slide is not suitable for his young age. So Buddy only got to walk around with us, but he was excited with the surrounding. He still can’t walk really steady yet, and would sometimes fall on his bums, or he would put his hands on the ground to steady himself before standing up.


The children’s garden is pretty small; we basically covered the grounds after less than 15 minutes. We had wanted to proceed to the botanic garden, but it started to drizzle and so we left. Still we will return with Buddy in more appropriate outfit when he can play with the water and sand, and when he is slightly older, he can climb up to the treehouse.



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