Cooking for Buddy

Ever since Buddy started on solids, I’ve been buying organic branded purée for him, like Wild Harvest, Healthy Times, Ella’s kitchen, and Earth’s Best etc. Compared to the US, these brands are at least 50% more expensive here. I’ve considered ordering in bulk via Amazon, however many of the american distributors do not allow international shipment. Of course there’re websites which get around such obstacle, such as iherb.

My husband suggested that I made fresh purée for Buddy during the weekends and freeze it for his weekday dinners. So I decided to try for a puree with sweet potato since it’s a nutritious vegetable, and found a couple of pretty simple recipes online. Basically it’s a purée of baked sweet potatoes and apples. Using organic produce, with more sweet potato than apple (ratio of 60 to 40), they are peeled, chopped into small chunks and rubbed with olive oil. I baked them quncovered in the oven at 400F (or 205C) for 30 minutes. Once done, I blended them, adding water to get a more mushy texture. Buddy liked it and that motivated me to try out more combinations. The second time, I added carrots.

Now, this is not to say that the first couple of attempts went totally smooth. I realized that the apples and vegetables furthest in the oven tend to have burnt bits . My husband suggested I wrapped up the vegetables in aluminum foil when baking, and that it’s not really necessary to bake the apples. This time, no burnt bits but the carrots were undercooked, so I had to separate them out for further baking.

I have also blended chopped banana and apple, blueberry with apple, and mixed pumpkin with apple and carrot. Buddy enjoys the homemade blueberry and apple purée. I used a whole punet of blueberry together with 2 apples, so there is a satisfying sweetness to it. Unlike similar commercial purée which would have more apples than blueberry.

Recently I realized that Buddy hasn’t had much green leafy vegetables in his diet. When looking around the usual organic brands, none has it available, at not in the supermarkets here. I had to give him the broccoli purée from Gerber. I decided to make my own for him, and will blend it with apple to make it more tasty. To cook the broccoli, they have to be boiled or steamed, and I think boiling is easier. I like to add spinach into Buddy’s diet but I’ve to find out how to prep it. Meanwhile I’m getting the commercial purée for him.

The important to remember when you’re preparing baby food as a working mom is that the preparation should be quick and easy. Do it during the weekends or on your day off. Don’t force yourself if you are tight on time. You can still offer commercial purée to the baby. Learn from these commercial offerings the combination of vegetables and fruits, and google for recipes online if you’re not sure.


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