Buddy turns one

We had a low-key celebration for Alex’s first birthday last Saturday, which was a co-celebration with my mother-in-law. It was still special for everyone as we had an enjoyable trip to the River Safari in the day (see previous post ‘Alex and the River Safari Trip’).

Buddy received an early birthday gift from Uncle Francis and Aunt Hua from the US a few weeks ago, a pair of polo shirts and dungaree. We put on him one of the shirts for his birthday but left out the dungaree as it’s a little warm for him.

I don’t think Buddy understands the significance of the day nor the cake. But at least he had an exciting day at the safari park. At home, together with granny, they cut the birthday cake.


We ordered the cake from Awfully Chocolate, and I mentioned in another post ‘The Big-Day Preparation’ dated 20th May, we had a bit of a problem trying to get my husband’s birthday greeting on the cake. He abbreviated it further, and we’re happy to say that the bakery staff got it right. The cake is also pretty good. Even though we collected it the day before and only had it after it was kept overnight in the fridge, it was still rather moist and not overly sweet. My husband, who’s not a fan of chocolate cake, likes it a lot.


Buddy wasn’t allowed any cake since there’s too much sugar in it for him. So I bought some snacks for him and the other babies and toddlers at infant care for a celebration last Friday. The brand, Organix, has a wide selections of healthy snacks and food for the little ones. There were biscuits and dried fruits for the toddlers, raspberry and blueberry rice cakes for those aged 7 months and older, and fruit purée for all except one baby who’s only 3 months old. Of course we haven’t left out the teachers; we got them a chiffon cake.

I bought a terrier balloon for Buddy’s birthday but he’s only interested in hitting at it. Poor terrier gets battered by him.


My husband and I marvel at how quickly time passes and Buddy is already a year old. He has grown so much since he was born, and his personality also manifests over time. He has a stubborn streak in him, probably got it from me, and is increasingly naughty as he will throw tantrums if he doesn’t get what he wants. He loves playing with tissue box, and the other day my husband moved one, that was on the couch, out of his reach. Buddy yelled in protest and threw the panda rattle, that he had in his hand, at the box. Yes, discipline has to come in now.

We love our little dragon baby, and hope he’ll stay healthy and strong. Most of all, like what my husband hopes to do, we want to help Buddy build a strong foundation in the intellectual, physical and moral aspects, and the rest will fall in place. Happy one year old, Alex boy!


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