Stories VI: the bum bum award

First Nomination

The company has just moved into a new spanking office, everybody gets new furniture and cabinets. The managers have their own rooms, with nicely done dark-colored wooden built-in shelves, leather armchairs and even coffee tables.

The office comes with a wet pantry, something which the staff have always wanted. Now they are able to wash their utensils at the sink instead of going to the toilets. The pantry is also bigger than the one in the old office, there is a new and bigger fridge, and a new water dispenser. Everybody is really excited with the new premise.

A manager walks around, taking in the new board room which has a beautiful view of the iconic avant-garde building in the distance. There are now more meeting rooms with stylish stainless steel chairs. Then there is the comfy couch in the pantry. The manager notices a room at the back. He pulls at the door handle and walks in. It turns out to be a storage room. Ok, nothing much here, and turns around to leave. But he stops short and stares at the door. There is NO handle on it! What the hell? How is he going to get out? He bangs on the door. Nothing. He bangs again and calls out, “hello?” Silence. He keeps banging the door, “hello! Somebody opens the door please!” “Can somebody opens the door for me?” Bang, bang, bang! “Somebody opens the door!!”

At the reception, the receptionist hears banging noise coming from the pantry and wonders what is going on. She walks towards the pantry, and sees an assistant standing at the doorway, who turns to her with a quizzical look on her face. “What is going on?” “I dunno, I heard banging noise.” As if on cue, the banging starts again, and it’s coming from the storage room.

The receptionist goes over and pulls the door open. The manager is standing behind the door, staring at her and looking flustered. She asks him, “what happened?” He replies, “the door got stuck, and I couldn’t get out.” At that, he walks past her and out of the pantry. She then walks into the storage room and the door closes behind her. She turns and pushes it. It swings open smoothly.

Second Nomination

C is busy working at her desk when the cellphone rings. She answers and it’s a personal call. Her co-workers are within 10 feet around her, and she doesn’t want to talk within their ear-shots. So she decides to have the call in the server room. She pushes the door open and closes it behind her.

The server room is a favorite for staff wishing to have private conversations since there’re only servers in there, and the humming of the machines help to cover up the talks from those sitting outside (as long as you’re not shouting). So C speaks freely, and after 10 minutes the call ends. She turns to leave the room, but something is wrong. The door is not budging. She turns the handle and pushes hard, but the door remains firmly closed. She keeps pushing and pushing, and the door stays stuck. She panics and looks out of the glass window. The 2 IT guys are busy at their computers. She bangs on the window and cries out, “V, L, open the door please.” Either they can’t hear her or they are ignoring her, both remains glued to the screen.

C continues to bang on the glass window, shouting, “let me out of here!” But still no movement from the IT guys. C becomes desperate and turns to the door, tugging hard at the handle. It opens, and C nearly falls from her surprise. She walks out, trying to compose herself. She sneaks a peek at the IT guys, and both, expressionless, continues to beaver over their computers.

When C steps out of the IT room, J, who is sitting outside, looks at her quizzically. She asks, “what happened to you? What’s all those noise?” C answers casually, “nothing”, and walks to her desk, with J staring at her back.

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