11 months and bouncing

Last Saturday morning, after Buddy woke up, he felt a little warm to the touch. My husband took his temperature and found that it was 38.5 degree, which is considered high fever. We quickly gave him paracetamol while sponging him. My husband was concerned that it might be something more than just a cold; there’s now a dengue epidermic going on, particular in Tampines area which is not far from our residence. So we took Buddy to see Dr Ok.

At the clinic, Buddy’s temperature was taken again and it was a little lower, thanks to the paracetamol. After Dr Ok examined him, she found him having a throat infection and concluded it was a viral infection, a cold after all, which was a relief for us. We were given sore throat and cough medicine for Buddy.

We have ready at home a cabinet of medicine for Buddy including paracetamol and Ibuprofen, which I’ll get extra from the clinic staff when supply is low (unless the medicine requires a consultation for prescription). Paracetamol is a multi-purpose medicine, which can be used when baby has fever (unless it’s persistently high then you need the big gun ‘Ibuprofen’), as well as pains from teething, for instance. A colleague, who’s a trained medical doctor, told me she uses it whenever her toddler girls are cranky and unwell.

The paracetamol continued to work and by Sunday, the fever was under control. He appeared well enough to bounce around. But he was drooling all over place and we suspected it was due to teething. Though he didn’t drool like this previously, in fact I don’t recall him drooling at all. By evening, my husband thought it was more than that because poor Buddy wasn’t feeding well. We had to take him to the nearby family clinic.

When we entered the consultation room, Buddy burst into tears upon seeing the doctor. Turned out he remembers him, that he was probed by the doctor during previous visits. My husband tried comforting Buddy; unfortunately it didn’t help that the doctor had to probe his throat with an ice-cream stick. My husband had to hold down Buddy who was struggling. It turned out he had a serious throat infection. The doctor told us he required antibiotics which we have at home as well. This explains why Buddy was drooling non-stop; it was uncomfortable for him to swallow.

The next few days were rather exhausting for us as we had to give Buddy paracetamol and Ibuprofen on a regular schedule to relieve his pain. It was no easy task giving him the medicine and feeding him. He didn’t want to swallow which means that we had to force-feed him using a syringe. The doctor suggested that we tried distracting him during the feeds, especially since we have to make sure he didn’t suffer from dehydration. But Buddy is stubborn; when he doesn’t want to feed, he’ll swat the bottle/syringe away. So my husband had to pin him down, while he struggled and cried, and I forced the medicine and milk down his throat. I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own since he’s a little Hercules. We tried coaxing him, using kiddy songs and even Psy’s Gangnam Style video, but to no avail. At one point my husband got frustrated with his constant struggling that he told him off angrily, “you hold still and take the medicine!”

Thank God Buddy recovered after a couple of days. Strangely, when he wasn’t feeding, he was bouncing around like an Energizer bunny despite the discomfort. He has more energy than both my husband and I combined. Not surprisingly he was as naughty as ever. One afternoon my husband was on the coach watching TV and Buddy was cruising along it. He was actually eyeing the papers on the headrest behind my husband, which he couldn’t reach. He cried for attention, and my husband then picked him up and placed him on his lap. Buddy took the chance to grab the papers.

“No” is not “no” for Buddy when he can get away with it. When I tried stopping him from licking the coaster or pulling out tissue papers from the box, he would have a cheeky grin on his face.
In fact he sees it as a challenge, to see how far he can get away with it.

Buddy’s eczema has improved after I used this moisturizing lotion I got from Bud Cosmetics, Super Soothing Rescue Lotion.


Together with a cleanser, they are products for eczema care. I didn’t get the cleanser, but thought I would give the moisturizing lotion a try. The store owner, Eric, told me that it’s very popular, and initially it comes only in the 50ml tube. But customers were buying up a few tubes at a time because the lotion is used up pretty quickly, and so Eric requested the manufacturer to bottle it in 150ml tube as well.

I must say the soothing lotion is not cheap, almost as expensive as the prescriptive Physiogel A1 cream that Dr Ok recommended for Alex. The 50ml tube is S$22.60, though the 150ml tube is slightly cheaper at about S$56. Anyway I decided to give this a try after the physiogel lotion (the cream is only available recently) doesn’t seem to work on relieving the itch on Buddy’s cheeks, and it also stings his skin. We’ve also been applying steroid cream on the eczema, which shows improvements, but it’s not suitable for continuous usage. So I figure no harm trying out this organic lotion.

I’ve to say my husband and I are impressed with the result of the soothing lotion. It’s as good as the steroid cream. In fact his left cheek is almost cleared. His right cheek, particularly the patch under the eye is more persistent. But at least the lotion doesn’t sting much, and so Buddy doesn’t scratch as often as before, allowing the skin to heal. We’re hoping he’ll be able to get over the eczema problem as he gets older. Anyway we’ll be taking him to see a skin specialist next week for a diagnosis.

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