Alex, the dancing baby (updated)

Buddy loves kiddy songs, especially if there are videos that go with them. I downloaded the app, Best Kids Songs and Stories from Pink Fong on the iPad for him. The app comes with a few free songs and stories, and expectedly I have to pay for more.

Buddy is more interested in the songs than stories. So whenever we open the app in iPad for him, he’ll be mesmerized by the music videos and even sways to the music. Sometimes he’ll be so engrossed with the songs that even when I call him, he’ll not respond.

Buddy realizes that when he hits the iPad screen, he is likely to enable something to happen. So when the music video stops, he’ll randomly hit one of the videos to play it. Of course if he accidentally presses the wrong part of the screen or the home button, there’s no songs, and he ends up pulling the iPad out of the casing and hitting it all over.

Buddy is also fascinated by the Tom Cat app. He has learned from me that when he hits the cat on his face and body, the kitty will go “yeow!” and keep hitting the cat will cause him to fall backward. The theme song music video of the Tom Cat animated movie, ‘You Get Me’, is one of Buddy’s favorites.

(Update on 16 April)
Here’s Alex dancing to Gangnam Style, on his own, not supported by my husband unlike the one in the post “Do the Gangnam – Alex style” dated 6 September.)


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