Dr Ok, the miracle worker

Really? OK performs miracles? Nah, I’m only kidding. But this is how my husband describes OK, aka Anita Menon, the resident Pediatrician at Thomson Pediatric Center (TPC) located at 112 Katong mall. He also thinks she has a bag full of tricks which helps Buddy to get well.

Last week, Buddy suffered from a serious case of nappy rash because he had frequent poopings (7 times or more) a day for a few days. Poor Buddy was crying from pain whenever he pooped and had his bums cleaned. The skin on his bums was red and raw from irritation. Dr OK thought it could either be due to teething (he has a few teeth protruding from his upper jaw), or he caught the stomach flu virus from my husband though he didn’t have a fever. She gave us a steroid cream for the skin irritation and recommended a nappy rash cream to us, Sudocreme, which she told us is better than Desitin (which we have been using regularly) and Bepanthen (which we use for nappy rash). She also prescribed Smatec, a anti-diarrhea powder, for Buddy. She told us not to use baby wipes to clean the bums because they sting, and to use water instead, and when we’re out, to use wet cotton balls. In fact it’ll be best not to put on diaper on Buddy, but to allow his bums to air-dry. That, however, is not a viable option, since it may entail a massive clean-up operation.

Anyway within two days, Buddy’s nappy rash was mostly cleared, and it wasn’t painful for him. As always we are pretty impressed with OK, especially since this is the latest example of her almost miraculous medical prowess. Before this, Buddy had a lung infection a couple of weeks back, which also caused conjunctivites. We had earlier took Buddy to see a family doctor which gave us an eye cream, but it didn’t work so well. My husband then took Buddy to see Dr Ok, who gave him an eye-wash and an eye drop. Again within a couple of days, Buddy’s eye discharge was gone and his bright eyes were visible again.

I can go back in time to recount the medical “miracles” of OK, but we’re not comparing her to Jesus Christ here. Nonetheless after a whole series of positive outcomes my husband couldn’t help but quipped, “maybe we should ask her when we see her again if she walks on water.” It seems like we’re not the only ones who are impressed. The pediatric clinic is almost always full. If you don’t have an appointment, you can forget about seeing OK if you’re not a regular with an urgent case. There were a few times we had to take Alex to the clinic without appointments, like for the nappy rash problem, and the staff kindly slotted us in between appointments.

After so many meetings, OK is less reserved with us compared to the first encounter, and she’s also a little less schoolmarmish-like (as described in an earlier post on her “Dr OK” dated 6 July 2012). But she’s not as eccentric as Loh, and so I don’t banter with her either. It’s all about the baby here. Besides, each patient is allocated 15 minutes and beyond that there’s extra charge, unless OK waives it off because of special reason. Like there was once when we spent a bit more time discussing with her on Buddy’s eczema problem, and she very kindly waived the additional charge.

Though we have lots of respect for OK, Buddy doesn’t seem to share our enthusiasm. In fact he’s a little wary of her, probably because he associates her with bad stuff, like sticking a needle into him for his vaccination. Whenever she examines him, he will struggle and cry. At this stage, he doesn’t appreciate her yet. In fact, talking about vaccination jabs, it was OK who told us that Thomson Medical Center (who owns TPC) doesn’t allow the use of Medisave (part of our pension fund which is allocated for medical use) for the jabs because it was deemed too much administrative hassle. (What the hell is this reason?) She suggested that we could go to other clinics or the Polyclinic (public clinic) for certain shots which can be paid via Medisave, and which is what we have been doing. So that was very ethical and professional of her to update us.

The two staff at TPC are also pretty knowledgeable on baby issues. I find that they can answer a number o my questions instead of solely relying on OK. So we’ve been taking Buddy there instead of trying out other pediatricians.


6 thoughts on “Dr Ok, the miracle worker

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