Clothes from the doggie pile

Did I ever mention that Buddy grows rather fast? Well, this statement also applies to other babies; they outgrow their clothes in double quick time. When Buddy was 1.5 months old, he ballooned so much that I had to get clothes for 3-6 months old for him. Those newborn rompers were never worn, and I gave them, brand new, to my baby nephew subsequently.

Buddy received new clothes for 6-9 months old from his uncle and so for a time I didn’t have to buy any clothes for him. I mentioned in my earlier post ‘The naughty baby and the negligent mommy’ that I had to buy new PJs for Buddy after I got feedback from infant care that those he was wearing had stains on them. So we went shopping at Takashimaya and got him cute PJs from Pandi Panda and Trudy and Teddy. These are supposedly for 6-12 months old, and Buddy looks very dapper in them.

Fast forward a couple of months, one of the Pandi Panda’s PJs is getting tight on Buddy. I can’t believe it, I have expected them to last till he’s one year old! I paid more than S$40 for each (US $1 = S$1.22), and now I’ve to give this PJ away.

Last weekend we were at Takashimaya and discovered there is the annual baby fair being held at the basement. I picked up a baby PJ from the discount bins and showed my husband. He turned to Buddy and said, “baby, mama has resorted to buying you clothes from the dog pile.” Yes, the PJ is from the discount bins, but it’s not really dirt cheap at S$13.90. I got three PJs for Buddy, and they’re still slightly more expensive than the pack of three I got from the Mothercare sale.

Anyway both times I made sure I bought PJs for 12-18 months old. They do look a little big on Buddy but it’s better for a baby to wear loose clothes than tight ones. I doubt if they will last till he’s 18 months old, but at least he should be able to wear for several more months.

I also bought socks for 12-18 months for Buddy just so that he can wear for some time. I know Buddy may look like he’s wearing over-sized clothes, but I think it makes economic sense. It’s nuts to buy expensive new clothes for babies that only fit them for 2 months. There was once when I checked out the sale at the Kids 21 store (junior equivalent of Club 21) which carries brands like Baby Dior, DKNY Kids, Paul Smith junior and Little Marc Jacobs, etc. At the discount bin, I picked up a Baby Dior PJ and it was going for a rock-bottom price of S$150. My jaws dropped. Honestly, who pays this kind of money for a PJ that will be worn for only a few months? I walked out of the store.

A stone’s throw away, Petit Bateau store is having a sale as well. I checked out the PJs and thought perhaps at around S$58, I could still get a couple for Buddy. My husband said no, Buddy doesn’t have to wear Petit Bateau. The cotton may be more comfy than Pandi Panda but it’s not so significantly better to justify a premium. In fact he thinks that those parents who buy designer clothes for babies and young kids have no idea of the value of money. The kids themselves, especially babies, don’t know the difference. Pandi Panda and Trudy and Teddy are luxurious enough for Buddy. Of course, now that Buddy is outgrowing those PJs, it makes me realize that perhaps it also doesn’t make sense to get them in the first place. So from now on, clothes from Mothercare sale or baby fair will do.

Here’s Buddy in the Pandi Panda Chinese New Year outfit, which looks way cool than the typical oriental style.



7 thoughts on “Clothes from the doggie pile

  1. Dear PetulantChild
    Love reading your blog and baby adventures. Actually we share the same gynae and I share your sentiments re: talking to Dr L. Always interesting! 🙂 My baby is around the same age as Alex too. Quick question if I may, given your love of cheongsams and your love of your child (of course), where can I find “Chinese-y” outfits like cheongsams/male equivalent for babies/toddlers/young children? (You have my email…) Keep writing!

    • Hi Madeleine,

      Thank you for reading my blog and for your encouragement. it’s great motivation for me to have readers like you. I’m replying to your comment via WordPress so that other readers who have the same query will get their replies as well. The Chinese-y outfits for babies and kids are available only before Chinese New Year. Now that the festive season is over, the only place I can think of which may have these outfits is in Chinatown. You know those souvenirs shops or temporary stalls? But they also look rather tacky as well, especially those for boys. It may be possible to get pretty little cheongsam outfits for girls. If I’m not wrong, Miz Apparels may still have some of these dresses for little girls, but I don’t think they’re small enough for toddlers. However if you want something cool and modern oriental-looking, Pandi Panda brand (available at the baby department in Takashimaya) is a good choice. My husband eschews the typical Chinese New Year outfits for Alex, and when we saw the selections from Pandi Panda, we thought they were a better alternative. But too bad, after one wear, Alex outgrew it.


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      • Thanks for your prompt reply! I will certainly check out Pandi Panda for the “modern” take on chinoserie! Alex is growing fast that is a good thing. On the flipside, I am constantly worried as my baby is a more fussy feeder. I guess mothers will always fret over *something*.

      • I think Alex is growing a little too fast, so much that he’s outgrowing his clothes so quickly. It’s not so much he’s chubby, but rather he is long for his age. He feeds pretty well, and enjoys the pur¨¦e and cereals I get for him. Does your son have any problems with teething? Yep, you’re right about mothers always fretting about something.

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  2. Alex’s going to be a tall boy then! He looks very cute the way he is now actually. Don’t slim him down too much haha 🙂 My daughter has 3 teeth so far, and aside from a small fever that preceded the first tooth, she has had minimal discomfort/illness/sleep disruption from teething. *touch wood* this continues. Have been very lucky. Perhaps part of the food fussiness comes from teething. But she is generally not a big fan of the purees I offer her. And I think I must have gone through half the Annabel Karmel book of recipes! 😛

    • I’m sorry I assumed your baby to be a boy. Alex has two front teeth on his lower jaw and a few protruding front teeth on his upper jaw. Unfortunately he does suffer from teething problem like diarrhea or multiple pooping. In fact last week he pooped 7 or more times a day for more than 3 days and resulted in a serious case of nappy rash. Luckily the rash is almost gone now.
      I don’t have time to prepare puree for Alex, so I get puree from organic brands like Wild Harvest and Healthy Times. Even the cereals are from Healthy Times. I like either brands because there is no additional additives, for instance the applesauce puree from Wild Harvest consists of only organic apples, filtered water for processing and vitamin C. Their purees have no added sugar as well, which are much better than the typical baby food brands such as Gerber and Heinz. There was once when we were at Ikea and my husband got a Heinz applesauce puree offered free by the store. Alex didn’t like it. 😉 But he likes all the puree from Wild Harvest and Healthy Times.
      I don’t think Alex will be thin because he has a healthy appetite, so lucky for him he’s very active and hopefully he won’t become chubby again. Once he’s 2 or 3, we’ll take him out for runs. I was a little afraid initially that he won’t be tall because during the early days his length was only average. It was only after he turned 4 months or so that he experienced a spurt in growth. I hope he inherits the height from my side of the family.

  3. Oooh. Yah I got that frequent pooping thing happening before too. Was so desperate to prevent nappy rash I took to drying off her bum with a hair dryer during changes. Loves it when I point the air stream at her face for a few seconds (watch out for the flying kicks of excitement!) 🙂 Will check out Wild Harvest and Healthy Times. Maybe she doesn’t like my cooking haha. Won’t be the first time 😛

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