The post CNY cheongsam scene

It’s been a month after Chinese New Year, and during this month I got to see some cheongsams around though they have been a mixed bag.

I was at Central Mall a week after Chinese New Year and found a couple of boutiques with modern cheongsams. L’zzie boutique has this retro-looking white cheongsam with embossed top and pleated bottom.


JL by Ucci Boutique has a pretty boring looking dress with mandarin collar.


There’re a couple of ugly-looking cheongsams coming from Ispiza boutique. I’ve no idea what’s with the lace caplet in this dress?


This flower print is so awful that I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.


Blum displayed a couple of beautiful cheongsams, like this one below with prints of peony flowers and a pair of mandarin ducks. I thought it’s rather elegant.


This is a fabulous modern cheongsam design, with navy blue lace overlay on a fuchsia pink lining.


Hana boutique has the same old cheongsam designs which are seriously yawn-inucong


I discovered a store at Mandarin Gallery which offers oriental-inspired clothes and accessories called ‘Xi’ (喜).


This is a casual modern cheongsam which can double up as a weekend wear.


This is another casual cheongsam, but with large and colorful prints, which may be a little too loud.



4 thoughts on “The post CNY cheongsam scene

  1. I love cheongsams; I feel that they’re more elegant and cultural than any western dresses. That being said, I’m looking to buy a full length one for formal events and I’m wondering if the colour is important. I would like a black cheongsam, but it will be a waste if I can’t wear it to chinese weddings or gatherings. But then again, the design I’m looking at is already quite modern (halter-neck & bare-back) so black wouldn’t make a difference if we’re considering the traditionality of the cheongsam.
    Any advice? Black cheongsams- yes or no? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Chris,

      It’s perfectly fine to wear a black cheongsam to a Chinese wedding dinner. In Singapore, it’s not considered bad luck now. But suggest you refrain for Chinese New Year.

      You also mentioned you’re thinking of getting a long one. Now, do remember that your fashion shouldn’t be seen as vying for attention at a wedding dinner. If it’s a really formal one where guests dress to the nines, the long cheongsam is appropriate. Otherwise you may be seen as stealing the limelight from the bride, who may also be in a long cheongsam. And with gatherings, again I’m not sure if a long cheongsam will be appropriate because it’s such a formal dress. If you get a shorter one, say knee-length, it’s much more versatile since you can wear it to cocktail events, clubbing etc, whereas the long one would look out of place.


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      • Thanks for your reply, Maria 🙂 You’ve been a great help! I’ve went ahead and got a black cheongsam for formal events here in the UK (I’m a Malaysian Chinese studying abroad) and now looking into a pair of heels to match. Since it’s full length, and I’m not that tall to begin with (about 5.4ft), I’m trying to avoid shoes that will make me look stumpy. Just that I’m not sure which would work: strappy, peep-toes or covered; and what colour: black like the overall outfit, or gold like the trimmings and pattern, or red/turquoise like the embroidery. Coordinating outfits is always so hard XD

        Thanks again, I really appreciate the advice 😀 Cheers! xx

      • Hi!

        Glad my advice helps, though I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in cheongsam dressing. Anyway my preference is red strappy heels to go with the dress. I think the combo would be a stand-out. By the way what type of sleeve does your cheongsam have?


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