The search for cheongsam continues… (Updated)

…for Chinese New Year, as I feature more boutiques. But like what I mentioned in my previous post ‘Cheongsam in abundance part III’ dated 19 January, most selections are pretty crappy.

Seven boutique is offering a pink version of the velvet pouff cheongsam, which looks a little out of shape.

The cheongsam top featured below is following the peplum trend, which looks weird in my opinion.


Mochamp’s cheongsams really leave much to be desired. I really wonder where in the world did they get the designs from.



Miz Apparels’ new designs are nothing to shout about after they displayed some pretty ones initially. The print on the skirt below looks a little garish.


At least this matching set of mother and daughter modern cheongsam outfits looks quite preppy.


A pale pink cheongsam from Vougeois.


Shanghai Tang’s cheongsams are rather understated.




Juz de Paris (Raffles Xchange #B1-30) has an awful looking cheongsam on display.


Ayano (Novena Square #01-19) is no better with it’s offerings. Seriously these are ‘auntie’ prints.



Native Country boutique (Square 2, #01-140/144) has many cheap but uninspiring dresses.


These are a couple of bright-colored cheongsams from Hana. The one on the right reminds me of the rainbow fish.


A couple more cheongsams from Blum. Even though I’m not into cheongsam of this design where there is an opening below the collar, I have to admit this dress is rather elegant.

The love for the peplum trend continues with the red dress.


(Updated on 9 Feb)
Lemon Tree at Hitachi Tower has a really frumpy looking cheongsam on display, complete with curtain print.


Alteration Initiative is showcasing a long cheongsam dress which is probably made for a customer. I think they should do away with the blinks along the seams of the shoulder and collar. It looks a little nightclub hostess-like with them seen on. But to be honest, this is not something outstanding.


Shanghai Tang at Ngee Ann city outlet has an elegant black modern cheongsam at its window display. This design outshines those at the Raffles City outlet.


3 thoughts on “The search for cheongsam continues… (Updated)

    • Thank you. When Chinese New Year approaches, there’re a lot of cheongsam selections available, especially so this year. So if you’re looking to get a piece or 2, this is the right time to come.

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