Cheongsams in abundance part V: Blum has it all

Yes, Blum is the boutique that has an abundance of cheongsams though these may be the last batch of new dresses on display. If you want something outstanding, it’s the place to go.

This black and white piece is very elegant. I like the print and the silhouette of the dress.


This design can also be found at Vougeois, but it’s the Chinese motif-print that makes it interesting.

The Chinese cloud motif is repeated in this blue cheongsam with flared bottom.


This cheongsam-inspired dress in fire engine red will definitely make you stand out. But I don’t like the lace embroidered shoulder, and what’s with the belt with a bow?



This is a beautiful cheongsam in batik print. I like the plastic flower buttons which are a change from the usual embroidered ones.



I don’t like this cheongsam; the design looks rather frumpy. I know the modern cheongsam has to adapt to the current physique, but honestly a woman shouldn’t look frumpy in it. If you do, then you’re not suitable for wearing cheongsam.


This is a middle-eastern-inspired fabric. But the dark colors make it looks a little dull.


The below two cheongsams have interesting prints of Chinese operatic masks. I especially like the top one which has an artistic depiction of the mask.



This cheongsam dress looks sensual with its high shoulder cut. The bright-colored maple leaf print also makes it cheery.


Traditional batik patterns are used in these two cheongsams, which remind me of the Javanese court batik. This type of batik uses earthy colors like indigo, dark brown and white, unlike batiks from other parts of Indonesia which have vibrant colors, such as the brightly-colored one featured above with the plastic flower buttons.



This is a beautiful cheongsam with navy blue lace overlay on a red lining.


A modern print and design makes this cheongsam suitable as an office wear.


I think this black lace cheongsam is rather elegant. The zip that runs from the collar to the side imbues a modern touch.



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