Cheongsams in abundance part IV: the good, the bad and the average

As Chinese New Year approaches, the boutiques are offering more cheongsam designs. But quantity doesn’t equate to quality. I was at Scotts Square a couple of weekends ago and checked out Leonard Paris (#01-04/05), which had a pretty cheongsam with cherry blossom print last year (featured in my blog ‘It’s that time of the year for Cheongsam’ dated 29 dec’ 2011). This time they have more variations of the cheongsam. They have a dress and a blouse with the same print. The design of the dress is not bad though I think you need a lanky physique to pull it off. The blouse is worn with a baggy pants of the same maroon color. To be honest, I think the pairing of the blouse with the pants looks frumpy. To avoid looking auntie-like, it should be paired with pencil skirt and high heels. Still, I wouldn’t get that blouse.



Then there is this silver colored slinky cheongsam with a front diamond cut. You definitely need a flat tummy to wear this because it exposes flaws like a magnifying glass.


Vivienne Tam (#02-05 Scotts Square) has a cheongsam at its window display which has a black lace overlay on a skin-colored lining. It looks simple enough for work, afternoon tea, even as a funeral wear. But I have to say it looks ordinary. I expect Vivienne to be more creative than this.


There is a relatively new boutique at Hitachi Tower which is called ‘Seven’, and the clothes tend to be a little over-the-top with its psychedelic colors and designs. It has also included cheongsams in its collection for Chinese New Year. This is a cranberry colored cheongsam in what appears like velvet fabric.

The boutique has this cheongsam that is also available in another shop located at The Arcade. The design doesn’t look fabulous.

Now me think the below baby blue cheongsam is a little outlandish, more suitable for a masquerade party. You need lots of chutzpah to carry this off.


Miz Apparels boutique (#02-05 One Raffles Place) has another cheongsam design with a pleated skirt and again there’s the love for bow. Not my kind of cheongsam, but it works for ladies with wide hips.


Then there is a top with mandarin collars and faux buttons.

These are cheongsam for little girls, which I think look adorable on them.



Kaate boutique (#02-01 ORP) offers this cheongsam which has two narrow bands on the waist, God knows why. I think they spoil the look of the dress.


The usual simple cheongsams from Vougeois (#02-17 ORP) are good for work except for the fully sequined cranberry cheongsam. The boutique has a sale rack which offers 50% of their dresses including cheongsams. I think I’ll check them out.




Mochamp’s (#B1-26 Raffles Xchange) cheongsams are either average or bad. The short-sleeved cheongsam with block colors look awful! Some people may think it has a retro feel, but to me it looks so dated and auntie-like.


This is another short-sleeved cheongsam but with a better print.

The below left cheongsam with flared skirt is alright, but the right white-colored one looks awful.


What can I say about this cheongsam from Yacht21 (#B1-32 Raffles Xchange)? It screams ‘lounge hostess’!


MoonRiver has this dress which is influenced by the cheongsam. I think it’s rather pretty.


Tarra (at One Raffles Place) is another boutique that has cheongsams with terrible designs. I seriously don’t get the flower lace applique on it.


This cheongsam from Enzo (1st floor Hitachi Tower) looks like it’s made from Italian fabric. In fact the print reminds me of the Versace design, a little loud and flamboyant. It does make the wearer stands out. I think it’s quite a nice piece, though it’s not my style.


I’m still disappointed with Hana’s (3rd floor Arcade) cheongsams. For God’s sake, they’re still stuck in the 80’s or earlier. Can the designers please come into the 21st century?


There’s a well known cheongsam boutique that I haven’t managed to get pictures, and that is ‘Tong Tong Friendship Store’. The problem is that Tong Tong doesn’t have window display, and the mannequins are inside the store. I’m planning to write to the boutique to request for permission to take pictures. Let’s see what they say.

4 thoughts on “Cheongsams in abundance part IV: the good, the bad and the average

    • I know, it’s like the shops engaged some lowly-paid designers. I hope nobody buys these dresses, to send a message that bad design will get you nowhere. But considering there’s ladies with short legs wearing harem pants or turning an outfit into auntie-like, I won’t be surprised if I spot fashion faux pas.

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