At long last, a beauty update

After a long hiatus, I finally have a beauty post and it’s also the inaugural post for the year. It’s not that I’ve neglected my beauty regime. No way, Jose! Not even having a baby in tow would make me skip it. In fact I’ve bought a lot more skincare and beauty products than clothes after baby Alex’s arrival. It’s just that for a very long time, my focus was on other topics, particularly Alex.

Anyway, for a long time I have been looking for vibrant-colored eyeshadows, like blue, green, purple and pink. You would think that it wouldn’t be hard to find them, but no. Problem is most eyeshadows out there (regardless of brands) tend to have dull colors like brown, beige, dark blue, dark green etc. I’m not sure whether it’s because the women here prefer them and they’re unsure of how to apply the bright colored ones.

There’re only a few brands which offer what I consider as fun colors like Silky Girl and LA Splash, but their eyeshadows contain paraben. So I told myself I should check out Sephora. But I didn’t have much chance for that when there’s a baby who requires my attention. It was only last week that I made it to Sephora to check out the selections available.

The various beauty brands are offering the usual dull palette. But one brand sticks out for its brilliant colors, Urban Decay. It has a beautiful electric blue eyeshadow, as well as eyeliner. But the eyeshadows come in mono casing without brush, and I must say the price isn’t cheap either at S$36 (US$29.45) each. So I check out Sephora in-house brand, which offers a wide selection of make up colors. After moving to and fro between the Sephora and Urban Decay displays, I decided on my purchase.

I like this duo blue/green eyeshadows from Sephora for both the colors and the two-in-one casing. At S$19 (US$15.52) it’s almost half the price of the mono eyeshadow from Urban Decay.


This is another eyeshadow I got from Sephora, a pretty pinkish purple mono-color.


But when it comes to the eyeliners, even though Sephora has a lot of choices, none of the blue colored ones beat the gorgeous electric blue eyeliner from Urban Decay. At S$32 (US$26.18), it’s a tad pricey but I decided to go for it.


And you may wonder how was the effect like. For the blue/green duo, I boldly used the green color as the base and applied the blue eyeshadow on the eyelids, and finished off with the Urban Decay eyeliner. I realized I should have applied the blue color above the lid as well because my hooded eyes, that orientals have, causes the eyelids to be hidden from view.


For the purplish eyeshadow, I used a light pink color as the base, and again experimented with the electric blue eyeliner. I thought the effect was pretty good.


I really like the eyeliner; it has good staying power on my oily eyelid even though I didn’t apply any primer. It also glides on very smoothly. The packaging markets it as the best in the industry. I can’t say I’ve tried a lot of brands but it’s definitely the best that I’ve tried. I’m now tempted to get other colors. Until I bought this, I’ve been pretty conservative with eyeliner, sticking mainly with black and the occasional brown color.

When it comes to press powder, I always face the problem of it caking on my oily face. So it was a pleasant surprise when I tried the one from Paula’s Choice, and found that it doesn’t cake. The color I’m using is buff beige, and this press powder is S$32 (US$26) which I think is pretty reasonable.



It provides medium coverage and has real oil absorbing function unlike others which made the same claim but don’t work. My only grouse is that it doesn’t come with any puff; I have to get a thin one from Sasa which I can keep inside the case.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at the Bourjois range of eyeshadows (and didn’t see anything that catches my eyes), and instead discovered it has a new range of lipsticks called ‘Rouge Edition’. Apparently the range was tested and approved by fashion editors. I picked this really gorgeous deep pink color to try.



The lipstick glides on rather smoothly and has a rich color. I also think it suits my fair skin very well. I can’t tell if it’s hydrating as I’ve dry lips and so have to apply lip balm before lipstick.


I will check out the other colors in this range like a plum color which I’ve been thinking of getting, and definitely one of my favorite colors, coral.

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