This Christmas

This is baby Alex’s first Christmas. Unfortunately he got infected with the cold virus a week or so after he recovered from stomach flu early this month. He has runny nose, persistent cough and until yesterday, low grade fever. Though he is recovering, he has difficulty napping and sleeping probably because of the discomfort. He wanted to be cuddled and sleep in our arms. When we tried putting him in the cot, he would cry. So for the past 2 nights, we had to put him on our bed to cosleep with us. My husband thinks Alex sleeps better on our bed because the mattress is more comfortable than the one in his cot, and we’re next to him.

It hasn’t been easy giving medicine to Alex. We think it’s because he associates it with his illnesses. So we have to try all means to feed him. From the direct feed which doesn’t work after initial attempts, we tried adding the medicine into his milk, which only works when he’s feeding while half asleep. Now we add the medicine into the food purée. Initially Alex gobbled it down without hesitation. However he isn’t very keen on it now, suspecting there may be medicine in the food. So I have to pretend to take the purée and smack my lips, saying, “yummy” to him. But Alex is a smart Alec, he doesn’t buy it readily after falling for it the first time. Now we’re resorting to using the television to distract him, and commercials are good for that. When he is distracted he’ll just gobble down the food on the spoon. (I’m sure you experience this when you eat in front of the TV.) Anyway we decide that it would be better to subscribe to the baby channels on cable for Alex instead.

It has been pretty exhausting taking care of a sick baby, and Alex will get sick rather often since he’s in infant care. Dr OK told us that being exposed to viruses is the way for him to build immunity. Thank God he’s making good progress in his recovery. Hopefully he’ll resume to feeding more in the day and not having to wake up a few times at night.

On behalf of me, Alex wishes all a wonderful Christmas and a great 2013!


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