Battle of the Christmas trees 2012

This year the various Christmas trees seem to have some sort of a standardized look. There are the usual color combinations of red, gold and silver. Though fuchsia pink seems to be the theme color of the year.

This tree in front of Bedok Point mall has fuchsia pink tinsels that look like candy balls.

The Christmas tree at Changi City Point has fuchsia pink ribbons that complement the red and silver colored ones.

Orchard Central mall has a pink bubble gum theme for Christmas this year. In the evening, the psychedelic light comes on.

In the day, the tree takes on a girlish look with tinsels in different shades of pink.

The tree at Clifford Centre has the typical red and gold on green colors.

This Christmas my office got a nice fat tree, unlike the half-starved one last year which was too embarrassing to be displayed openly.


The displays at Tang Christmas fair at Vivocity are disappointing, looking rather dreary with none of the wow factors seen last year and the year before.

This year we didn’t put up our usual tree because of space constraint. Whatever space available in the house is given to Alex, be it for his changing table, play mat, or jumper. But my husband felt the house lacks festive cheer, so we got a cardboard tree with decorative from Ikea which take up less space. We thought it looks pretty good except that we can’t brighten it up with lights. Well, we have candles though. Next year when Alex gets his own room, we can put up the bigger tree and set up the cardboard one in Alex’s room.

There are some trees which are in the non-traditional colors of blue.

This tall tree outside Parkway Parade looks a little gaudy with the trailing lights.

The tree inside Takashimaya looks pompous in comparison.

Over in another island city of Hong Kong, the trees are decidedly more minimalist and non-conforming. My friend, Jenny, took the pictures for me knowing that I’m doing a photo collection of Christmas trees.

These trees, made from fabric materials, are located inside the International Financial Centre at Central. Don’t you think they look unique? According to Jenny, there’re rabbits and deers next to the trees.

This is a ‘I’m so icy cool’ looking tree found inside the Landmark hotel. It’s part of a Swiss setting complete with cable car and train.

The tree at Festival Walk veers toward the bright traditional form.

If you’re wondering why the trees are not shown in its full length, Jenny explained that her camera phone doesn’t have the zoom and angle function to capture the entire tree as they are rather tall. Or does it got to do with photography skill? 😉

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