A walk in the garden

Ever since Gardens By The Bay officially opened in June this year, we have brought baby Alex there twice. Visitors should only walk around the external garden either during early morning or evening or on a cloudy day, otherwise you will be roasted by the strong sunlight. It can get freaking hot as experienced during our recent visit. On the other hand, it’s such a pleasant experience inside the two conservatories: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome.

I had written a post ‘Eye Candy: World Orchid Show and Preview of the Flower Dome’ when it was opened for a preview last November. At that time, the Cloud Forest Dome wasn’t completed yet. So a couple of months ago, we decided to check it out.


The Cloud Forest recreates the rain forest environment with indigenous plant species and a climate that is cool and moist. In fact I thought the temperature is slightly cooler there than at the Flower Dome. Like in the rainforest, you don’t experience strong sunlight inside it, and so it is not as bright as Flower Dome.

The multi-level Cloud Forest dome has a refreshing ambiance which you don’t get at the Flower dome, maybe it’s the moisture as the Flower dome displays plants from dry climate. Right after the entrance is a waterfall and walls of forest vegetation such as ferns.



There is a sky bridge at every level. Those with fear of height might find it scary, as the sides are made of glass.



Mist is produced to recreate the heavy condensation found in high altitude rain forest.


Up at the higher level, you have a view of Kallang river and the distant condominium at Tanjong Rhu area.


I didn’t get the chance to walk through all the levels as baby’s needs come first, though my husband did. We like the cool and moist environment at Cloud Forest. It was heavenly for baby Alex, who is a temperate baby. (He can take the cold better than heat.) But Cloud Forest can get boring after a while, because there is a lot more green vegetation than flowers, unlike Flower Dome which has plant species from different regions. Still it’s a good place to sit down and relax or contemplate.

We returned to Flower Dome recently, and this time the main floor display is showcasing autumn blooms and vegetables.



There’re also animals like bunny rabbits and roosters made from plants. Alex and I had a picture taken with bunny.



During both days we were there on a Monday, and so there are not as many people around. Though there were more in the evening, probably because the weather is cooler and they can then walk around the external garden. Anyway we like the conservatories so much that we are thinking of getting the annual passes. My husband thinks it would make a pleasant work environment and especially good for napping. If they have couches available, he would pay to take a nap there.


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