The food critic continues on her epicurious journey

Au Chocolat

I only discovered Au Chocolat, located at level 1-03, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, a couple of days ago. I’m attracted to anything with chocolate, and I thought this was another French patisserie bistro, so my husband and I checked it out. It turned out to be more than that; the shop takes up a large area, consisting of a bistro, a confectionery and a retail store.



My husband had a feeling that Au Chocolat is not from France, instead he suspected a local enterprise created this faux French concept store. It turns out he is right, it’s under Ku De Ta Singapore after I checked with a staff. After all, it does seem pretty Disneyesque with all those merchandize in the retail store.

Anyway what caught my attention first and foremost is the confectionery. There are various tarts available such as strawberry tart, chocolate tart, mango tart and dark cherry tart etc.


The strawberry tarts are only available in the weekends, and they are at S$10 each and come in big portion. Good for sharing.

My husband, who’s not a dessert person, likes it a lot. Unlike other tarts, this one doesn’t have custard. Instead it has a thick crust filled with light cream, topped with fresh strawberries and sprinkled with pistachio nuts. A very good and light dessert.

I also bought a chocolate cupcake to try and it’s awesome!!

I especially love the cake base which has dark chocolate bits in it. It’s not overly sweet, just like those from Cupcake With Love (which I reviewed in an earlier post ‘Cupcake, anyone?’), and the chocolate bits have a tinge of the bitterness present in good quality dark chocolate. I guess that’s why it’s slightly more expansive than the usual. The mousses on top has also the right sweetness. I absolutely love this cupcake, even more than the one from Cupcake With Love.

Like any serious French confectionery, macarons are a must.

These are huge macarons! In fact they remind me more of sandwich cookies. I didn’t get any but will try one when I return another day.

And how can there not be cakes?


The shop also offers artisanal chocolates, though I didn’t get any.



I’m definitely returning to try the bistro, as well as other confectionery and chocolates.


Verandah is a casual dining eatery at Gardens By The Bay that serves a mix of local and western cuisine, such as Mee Siam (vermicelli with chilli sauce and fried tofu), fish and chips, and strangely, Chinese herbal chicken soup etc. It called itself a contemporary Asian bistro. It’s partly self-service, you decide what you want and order and pay at the front counter.

We first tried the food a couple of months ago and thought it was pretty good. I had the fish and chips and my husband had the wagyu beef burger. Both were served with scrumptious truffle fries. It was so addictive that my husband got a side serving of fries.

A couple of days ago, we were at the Garden and so went to Verandah for some snacks. Of course we had to get the fries again. We wanted to try the calamari, unfortunately it wasn’t available and so we had the chicken chunks with sweet chilli sauce.

The fries (at S$9 a portion) might not look like much but they are fried with truffle oil, and the truffle imbues a lovely earthy taste to the fries, making them irresistible. They come with 3 dips: steak sauce, cheese dip and garlic aioli. Honestly the fries are good enough to eat on their own. But of the three dips, I like the steak sauce best as it goes well with the truffle. I find the other two dips overwhelm the truffle. Which means you should never have the fries with tomato or chilli sauce! They’re definitely better than what DB bistro Moderne serves and cheaper too (DB’s fries are S$15 a portion).

The chicken chunks (S$12 a portion) are really tasty; the exterior is nicely fried and you bite into succulent juicy chicken meat. It goes very well with the sweet chili sauce dip. There is also a Nonya pickled vegetable salad (achar) on the side.

Here’s me with Alex before I devoured the chicken chunks in front of me.


We had earlier had lunch at Peach Garden Noodle House located at Supertree Dining, also at the Garden. The food was unsatisfactory. We ordered a fried carrot cake (it’s actually radish) with XO sauce, and it turned out to be cold. We had to send it back to re-fry it.


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