Sweets Review 2


Duri is the name of a temporary stall located on the 5th floor of Tampines mall that sells durian desserts. Actually it offers more than that, and there isn’t that much durian dessert variety. There are durian pudding, mango pudding, etc, and also Hokkaido cake.


Looking at the limited availability, I decided not to go for the durian desserts. Instead I opted for the Hokkaido cake.


The Hokkaido cake is available in two flavor: original sweet cream and durian-flavored cream. There are 3 cakes in a box, not just 2 as shown in the picture, and each box is S$4.90. I got the original flavor for testing. The cake is typical of Japanese cake, unlike the heavy and dense western one, light and fluffy with sugar icing on top, and the light cream inside the cake has the right amount of sweetness. I like it but it was a bit of a pain to eat it. The cake is stuck to the thick paper holder, and removing the paper is a messy affair with chucks of the cake sticking to it. The baker should consider replacing with a thin paper holder so that it’s easy to peel off from the cake.

Buttercake N Cream

I discovered Buttercake N Cream at Bedok Point shopping center. It is a small eatery on the 3rd floor, selling mainly desserts with a few savory dishes. I found out from the website that it has a restaurant at Sunset Way (in Clementi area) with full menu.

Anyway I had tried its warm Chocolate pudding that my husband bought for me many weeks ago, though I didn’t take note of the shop name then. That is one of the best sellers, and I thought it was not bad. But I thought it would be like the warm chocolate cake from Beard Papa with warm chocolate oozes out from inside the cake, this one doesn’t. Instead it has a moist fudge center.

When I finally checked out the store, I got a Chocolate Love cake to try. It costs S$5, looks like the usual 3-in cupcake except that it has to be kept in the fridge. Admittedly it’s not cheap given its small size. At first bite, it has a rich, slightly bitter dark chocolatey taste but it soon gets overpowered by the sugar. It’s so sweet that I couldn’t finish it. It would have been perfect if it’s not so saccharine sweet.


Awfully Chocolate

I guess readers will suspect by now I’ve a weakness for chocolate. Yes, I like dark chocolate and chocolate dessert. So naturally I try out the Rich Chocolate Cupcake from Awfully Chocolate.


The cupcake is bigger than the usual ones, and of course is slightly more expensive at S$4.90. It’s covered with chocolate frosting and you can see from the picture, there is dark chocolate fudge in the middle. The cupcake is quite moist and chocolatey, and I like the fudge though I would prefer the sweetness to be slightly tempered. It doesn’t have the right balance like the cupcakes from Cupcake With Love. The chocolate should be the main focus here.

Another dessert I tried is the Super Stacked Chocolate cake. I couldn’t take a picture of the cake I bought as it broke apart after I took it home. Instead I have to use the picture from the website.

Awfully Chocolate makes a huge slab of this cake and sells by weight at S$6.50 per 100g. According to its website, this cake has 6 different types of chocolate for its inner and outer fudge layers. I’ve to admit I can’t taste the 6 different chocolate, but I know there is dark chocolate in there.

I like this cake, it has the rich fudge, the right amount of sweetness, and a tinge of bitter dark chocolate aftertaste. There’s so much chocolate packed in it that it’s really dense. I like it more than the cupcake. I’ll definitely get this again.

Da Paulo Gastronomia

I don’t know why but I got the impression that DP cupcakes are dry and so never tried them until recently. I got a Fudgy cupcake for S$3.50.


As you can see, it’s a rather plain looking cupcake. The top surface is a little dry but inside is moist and has the right amount of chocolatey taste. In fact even though it’s the regular size of 3-in wide, one cupcake is sufficiently satisfying. I’ll try the rich chocolate cupcake next to compare with those from Awfully Chocolate and Cupcake With Love.

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