Do the Gangnam – Alex style

Some of you are likely to have seen the video on YouTube which has gone absolutely viral, ‘Gangnam Style’, or at least have heard of it. For those not in the know, this is a music video made by a Korean DJ, Psy, and it has been viewed more than 100 million times! It’s so big that it has spawned numerous versions such as ‘Singaporean Style’, ‘Chicago Style’, and Nelly Furtado even did an English version at her concert in Manila.

Anyway my husband and I were not aware of the Gangnam craze until he read a comment from a local prominent blogger, Mr Brown, who suggested that the Prime Minister gave his National Day speech in Gangnam style. My husband was curious what this was and discovered the music video. He thought it was hilariously entertaining. You can see for yourself here.

My husband then got baby Alex to do the dance move, and I created a video version of ‘Alex Style’.


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