Dear Alexander

Dear baby Alexander,

You’re almost 3 months old now, and soon you won’t be considered a newborn. Yet your chubby size and alertness get you mistaken for an older baby. Imagine, even clothes for a 3-month old is a little snug for you. Mommy has to get you clothes for a 6-month old. In fact you’re almost the same size as many older babies, especially the size of your big head.

The only thing that gives your infancy age away is that you require neck support. You try to lift up your head to look around you, and you especially love going out when you are exposed to new environments. Feeding you, when you are outside, takes longer because you get distracted. You have such curiosity for new things. For this reason, you prefer to be held upward rather than being cradled, or to sit on daddy’s or mommy’s lap, facing out to see what is going on around you.

You’re definitely developing fast. Sometimes daddy and mommy half expect you to sit up and start talking. You respond to us in goo goo and ga ga, as if you are trying to tell us something but words fail you. We know that you are an alert baby even at birth; at a few days old, you were able to look at the person who was talking around you.

As you get older, the interval between feeds also get longer. First you were able to last 4 hours between some late night feeds, and now you only wake up once between midnight and 7am for a feed. You’re also not sensitive to wet diapers. That is a great relief for mommy as it means the number of times she has to get up in the wee hours is greatly reduced.

But sometimes, there are exceptions, which is to be expected. Like last week, for a couple of nights, you didn’t fall asleep right after a feed which you usually do late at night. Instead you were wide-eyed and bushy tailed. Daddy got a little desperate and thought of taking you out for a car ride at 3am, or take you out in the stroller to walk round the condo estate. But mommy knows the better option is to put you in the rocker, gives you the pacifier and rock you to sleep. For 2 straight nights mommy had to do that. Thank God since then you’ve been able to go back to sleep after the feed. Unfortunately during the ‘witching hours’ of 7.30pm to 11pm, as mentioned in Troublesome Tots, it’s rather difficult to put you to sleep when you are cranky, and wants to be held by daddy (it doesn’t work for mommy which daddy attributes to mommy being too boney). Sometimes even the rocker isn’t effective. We hope that you get over this ‘witching hours’ soon because it’s quite an effort to soothe you for a few hours. We know that you’re feeling cranky but we’re not sure why. Right now, we’re using the rocker, pacifier and white noise or music to help you to sleep, which by the time you do, is the late hour of around 11.15pm.

You’re also taking fewer feeds, 7-8 times, compared to 11-12 feeds previously. In fact you’re having less than 1000ml a day now, which got daddy to comment that you’re less chubby than before. Still you’re gaining weight, though slower; and this means the 6-9 month old clothes can last longer.

Daddy and mommy know how you like motion. When we push you around the estate, despite the bumpy ground, you can still nap away. It’s pretty funny when we take you out to the mall, you would cry when the stroller stops moving, and we have to then push the stroller to and fro to generate movement. But this also means we have to put you in a rocker to get you to sleep. For the time being, this has to do until we can sleep-train you.

It baffles daddy and mommy that when you are not in deep sleep in the cot, you would lift your legs in the air and plonk them hard on the cot and would slowly slide down to the end of the cot as you keep lifting and plonking down your legs. But that’s pretty good exercise for you. Despite the chubbiness, you’re a pretty strong baby; in fact you look like a baby sumo wrestler with the mittens and booties.



Both daddy and mommy are glad that, other than the hospitalizations for jaundice and slight fever during the first month, you haven’t fallen sick since. We hope you’ll continue to stay healthy and strong.

Daddy & Mommy


3 thoughts on “Dear Alexander

      • Thank you. Oh goodness, they’re ALL smart, aren’t they?! It’s amazing how much they learn and change in these first years!

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