There are baby rooms 2

I have checked out baby care rooms in some other malls and here are my verdict.

I was rather surprised that Bedok Point mall has a nursing room which has the requisite amenities and also rather clean, though it’s not very roomy. It has a water pot with hot and cold water. A changing table and a sink with soap and paper towel. There is no diaper or changing linen dispensers, but I guess those are nice to have.


A separate room is available for nursing, which can be locked.

I rate the baby room at Bedok Point 4 out of 5 stars for not having full amenities and limited space. (But I have to admit Bedok Point is a small mall and so I have to commend the developer for providing a baby care room.)

At Changi Airport terminal 3, we discovered a bigger nursing room at basement 3, next to the food court, which is also nicer looking than the one at the arrival hall on the 1st floor. There are 4 changing tables, and also hot water dispenser. But no other dispensers.


There are even armchairs for resting inside the baby room. Though we notice the one nearest the door has stains on it. I hope there is diligent cleaning of the room and its amenities.


There are 4 nursing rooms with doors, and a comfortable swiveling arm chair for nursing mothers.


We notice that staff working in the airport are using the nursing rooms as their rest area. Maybe there’re not many nursing mothers around, but I hope the staff are not taking up available nursing rooms. Anyway I rank this baby care room 4 out of 5 stars as well. I have taken half a star away for not being spanking clean.

At Tampines One mall, nursing rooms are available only on the 2nd and 5th floor, of which the room on the 2nd floor has only one nursing room compared to 2 on the 5th floor. Also when I was there last week, the hot water dispenser in the 2nd floor room is broken. Anyway here’s what the room on the 5th floor looks like.


As mentioned, there’s a hot/cold water dispenser between the 2 nursing rooms. There are 2 changing tables next to the sink. No dispenser for diapers or changing linen. The room is only big enough only for one stroller.

The nursing room is cordoned off for privacy with curtain.

I give this room 3.5 out of 5 stars for not having full amenities and lack of space and no door for the nursing rooms.

My husband told me that the baby care rooms at 313@Somerset is highly rated by a mom. So we checked out the room on Level 5 (where Food Republic food court is) yesterday when we were at the mall. I understand that there are also baby rooms on the 2nd floor and basement 3. (Update on 4 Sep: the baby rooms are available on B3, 1st and 5th floor.) Anyway the one on the 5th floor is rather spacious and clean; there are two nursing rooms, two changing tables, hot/cold water dispenser and even a microwave for sterilization use. But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend sterilizing plastics in microwave. At the end of the room is a child toilet.


The 2 nursing rooms are cordoned off with curtain. One of them has the curtain hook missing. There is a long bench and and an armchair inside the nursing room and it is also rather roomy.

I rate the baby room 4 out of 5 stars, as I really prefer nursing room that can be locked.

I have also used the baby care room in the Singapore Expo, which I mentioned in my earlier post ‘There are baby rooms and there are baby rooms’ dated 31 July. The changing tables are a little worn and one of the garbage bins is not working well. But it fulfills its function. I notice that the Expo staff also use the nursing rooms as their resting place. Again, I feel this is a misuse of amenities. Anyway I rate this baby room 3.5 out of 5 stars. The place has a basic feel to it, though it does seem clean.

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