Stories 4: Crazy, stupid, drunk

Story 1

It was the night of the company’s dinner and dance (D&D). The General Manager had given everybody time off from 3pm that afternoon so the staff could qdoll up for the evening’s theme, Music.

A bunch of girls were all ready by 6pm, with three of them dressed up as a girl group and one impersonating Rihanna. Since it was still early, they decided to go to a bar for a drink before proceeding to Hyatt hotel where the D&D was held. They had a round of beer and finger food of buffalo wings, which were yummy, after which the girls were off to the hotel.

It was pretty fun guessing who was impersonating who; there were John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Liza Minnelli etc, not to mention a rock singer, Phantom of the Opera, and a Elvis Presley wannabe. Even the CEO came dressed as Bruno of U2.

With the presence of wine lovers, you can be sure that wine would be aplenty at the event. Not only that, there was champagne to celebrate the 10th year service of a manager. One of the girls, X, was determined to immerse herself in the revelry. She downed the champagne during the toasting, and next, the wine on the table. By the time the night was coming to a close, you can say she was drunk.

X grabbed hold of the wife of a senior manager and said to her, “do you know that your husband talks really loudly? He is fierce to us!” She pleaded to the lady, “can we have a hug?” The wife graciously obliged and X clung on to her. A colleague tried to pull her away.

Just then, X spotted the CEO, who was about to leave as he had a flight to catch. She went over to him and grabbed his arm, “D, please don’t go. Do you know that the Delhi office staff miss you?” The CEO promised to return, though no Delhi staff was present. But X still held on to his arm, refusing to let go. Thank God the colleague was able to pry X away before she caused the CEO to miss his flight.

X wasn’t the only one who got drunk that night. A manager was downing the wine like water at his table. In the middle of the night, a table game was played in which each table had to perform a dance based on the music assigned to the table. His table was given ‘classical music’. So the group decided to do an European classical dance (whatever that is). Said manager danced with his wife who was dressed in a tutu. But when he was twirling her, because of his intoxicated state, he let go of her hand and she fell! As the rest of the group members looked at them stunned, instead of picking her up, he turned his attention to a colleague standing next to them, and extended his hand to her to continue the dance.

How you wish you could erase those embarrassing moments!

Story 2

B was young and bored with her life. She sought excitement from online chats and meeting up with these ‘Internet friends’. Many of those she chatted with were from overseas, particularly Indonesians. One of them was a younger guy, whom we shall call ‘Budi’.

B was looking for a place to go for a vacation end of the year, and Budi suggested Bali where it was the place to be to welcome the new year. He was also going there with some friends, and so they arranged to meet at Bali. Budi came with 2 friends, one of them was a girl who asked if she could share accommodation with B. The latter obliged since she was on a budget trip.

On new year eve, the four of them went to Kuta for seafood dinner and decided to hit the club scene by the beach after that. Kuta was full of people, many of them from Australia. It was as if the entire twentysomething crowd from down under had descended on the beachfront playground. There were also hell of a lot of cars and motor bikes on the narrow street, honking like mad. The restaurants and shops were decked out in festive decorations. There was a fun and party mood in the air.

Budi suggested checking out a club in the vicinity which had bungee jumping for patrons. B baulked; she might be crazy to go on a trip like this with strangers, but she wasn’t crazy enough to bungee jump. The new-found girlfriend wasn’t keen either. So they agreed to split and meet up again at 2am.

The two girls checked out a bar where there was dancing. In between the drinks, B had to accompany the friend to the beach to lend a listening ear to her talks of her boyfriend. But when midnight approached, B urged the friend to return to the bar for the count down. A whole bunch of intoxicated people were getting really excited as they eagerly chanted. “10, 9, 8, 7, … 3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!” People started kissing each others and B found herself grabbed by a middle-aged Caucasian man who planted a kiss on her cheek. Before she got herself kissed by every guys in the bar, she and the friend escaped to the beach.

It was 3am, but you wouldn’t know it by the partying going on and the number of people around. The girls were exhausted and wanted to return to the hotel, but they hadn’t heard back from the guys even though it was way past 2am. When they finally managed to get hold of the guys, the boys were having too much fun to leave. The two girls got fed up and decided to make their own way back. There were taxi touts lining the road, and they approached the girls if they wanted a ride. After negotiation on the fare, they hopped into a car/taxi. In addition to the driver, another guy also got into the front passenger seat.

The trip back to the hotel went through padi fields, which were literally pitch black. If not for the lights from the car, you wouldn’t be able to see a thing. During the entire ride, not a beep was uttered from both girls. B thought to herself, ‘what the hell have we done?’
By the time the taxi reached the hotel, both girls were completely sober. After getting off, they looked at each others and exclaimed, “fucking hell!! I was so worried just now.” “Me too!”

B never tried such foolishness again. After all, when you’ve safely ran through a firework factory with a lighted match in your hand, you wouldn’t want to tempt fate again.

Story 3
It was a late Friday afternoon, and there was a celebration of a successful closure of an assignment in the office pantry. There was finger food and a senior manager even arranged for white and red wine for everybody.

I had a glass of red, and Mei Ling told everybody that the white was good and we should try it. I got a glass as well. Just then the Managing Partner came into the pantry, and he was given a glass of white. He looked at it and commented in Cantonese, “so much? I can’t finish it.” He looked at my glass and said, “can I give you some of mine?” Stupid me said yes, and he went on to pour half the wine into it.

I thought if I had the wine with some food, I should be alright. After all this is wine, not vodka. So I had a couple of glasses (I think). By the time I was about to return to my desk, I was feeling tipsy. Christine and Jenny looked at me and the latter exclaimed, “she’s drunk!” I smiled at her and they laughed out loud.

I think I tottered back to my desk as best as I could in my heels. I was going to leave the office earlier that day as I had an appointment with SF Loh at The Private Suite in KK hospital. I was going to finish up a report before I leave. Honestly I didn’t know how I could still type out the report. Perhaps the alcohol hadn’t kick in full force yet. Christine said something behind me and I turned around, smiled and nodded my head. She was so tickled that she shouted, “Jenny, I didn’t even talk to Maria and she turned around and smiled and nodded her head at me. She’s really drunk!” I didn’t think I was drunk, I was only a little tipsy. I figured if I drank lots of water, that should purge out the alcohol.

Jenny came over and asked me, “are you sure you can go for your medical appointment?” I replied slowly, “Yeah, I’m taking a taxi there.” I got up, took my stuff and started to walk out of the office. I felt since I was still a little tipsy and wearing heels, I should be careful. Jenny couldn’t help hooting with laughter as she pointed out, “she usually storm around in her heels. But now, she walks as if she’s floating.” She then asked me if I needed help to go to the ground floor lobby, but I declined because I honestly didn’t think I was drunk.

I didn’t have difficulty getting a cab since one arrived just as I got to the drop-off bay. Inside the cab, I was texting with Jenny.
* gotr intro can
^ huh? What?
* taxi. Insidd tax i
^ Good, you’ll now get there in one piece

When I reached the Private Suite, I walked up to a nurse at the registration counter and said to her very slowly so that I could pronounce the words clearly, “I … am … here … to see … Dr Loh.” Without blinking an eye, she gave me a queue number ticket. I walked slowly to the sitting area in front of the assigned consultation room.

Jenny continued to text me.
^ are you at the clinic now?
* yea, waitung top see doctor
^ are you sure you can see him like this? You can’t even type properly.
* yea, i willj take lotss if waterc and oee.
* pee

So that was what I tried to do, taking lots of water so that I could pee out the alcohol. Though the redness on my face is a tell-tale sign. I did go to the bathroom a few times, and by the time my name was called, I didn’t think I was as tipsy as before and my face wasn’t flushed (as least not much). But I knew I wasn’t really my usual self. When I saw Loh, I smiled at him. Throughout the entire meeting, I was relatively subdued. Loh did all the talking, including telling me a story and, I just sat there looking at him in silence. If he suspected I was drunk, he sure didn’t show it.

It was the first and only time that I hardly said anything to Loh. Thank God I didn’t go emotional on him, which I tend to be when I’m drunk. Next thing I know, he might strike me off the IVF list for being emotionally unstable and a drunk.

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