Cupcake, anyone?

Cupcakes With Love

Recently I discovered a new cupcake shop at Tampines One mall. The mall has undergone significant changes in its retail mix, especially the 3rd floor, which now includes Daiso the $2 store, Awfully Chocolate, Jumbo Hotpot and the cupcake store, Cupcakes With Love.



The cupcakes may look a little plain but they are pretty good. Unlike most other stores, they are moist with the right amount of sweetness. The first cupcake I tried was Chocolate Storm. It has a white chocolate rice ball sitting on a chocolate fudge icing which is not cloyingly sweet. The base is a moist chocolatey cake which is tasty.


I like it so much that I returned a few days later to get more cupcakes. This time I bought (clockwise from top left) Durian cupcake, Matcha Marvel (Green Tea cupcake), Red Velvet and Adult Chocolate (chocolate cupcake with rum).


The icing on the durian cupcake is said to be made from pure durian purée. Personally I think it’s alright, not particularly sumptuous, the purée doesn’t taste like durian flesh which I prefer. But Adult Chocolate is pretty good; the rum enhances the chocolate taste. Red Velvet is not bad but I’m not a fan of this cake. My husband had the Matcha Marvel, and even though he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, he likes it and wouldn’t mind having it again.

Each cupcake is S$3.50 (US$2.80), and it’s not very big, about 3 2.5 inch in diameter across the widest part. But I like it this way, after all we should practice moderation in our diet. Other than the durian cupcake which has to be refrigerated, the rest can be kept in room temperature to be consumed within 3 days of purchase.

Butter Studio
I chanced upon this bakery, Butter Studio, at Changi Airport Terminal 3 basement 3. It offers cakes, muffins, macarons, but the attraction is the cupcakes, like these of the Angry Bird design.


There are interesting flavors like Chocolate Milo, Violet Kit-Kat and Go Bananas etc. And you can see that they are also rather pretty.


As per my usual habit, I bought one to try, Chocolate Mint. The cupcake is slightly smaller, at 2.5 inch wide. But it’s also cheaper at S$2.90 (US$2.31).



The cupcake has mint chocolate bits on top of the sour cream icing, sitting on a chocolate cake base. I’ve to say I’m not a fan of it, I find the combo strange. The mint chocolate just doesn’t go well with the sour cream. The cake base is not as moist as that from Cupcakes With Love. In fact it’s a little dry.


I’ve never tried Cedele’s cupcakes until a few days ago. Funny thing is Cedele doesn’t call them cupcakes but cake even though they shape like the former.


The one above which I tried is called ‘Chocolate Chocolate’. It’s basically a death-by-chocolate cupcake, the icing is a Chocolate fudge ganache sitting on top of a chocolate cake base. I made the mistake of putting the cupcake into the fridge and having it only the next day. So to be fair to Cedele, I will not comment on the cake. But I want to say that I’m not sure if the ganache is the right choice; instead of having icing like any regular cupcake it’s like eating a piece of chocolate with a cake. Anyway the cupcake is S$3.80 (US $3.03) each and is the same size as those from Cupcakes With Love.

Update on 21 August

To be fair to Cedele, I tried the Chocolate cupcake again. I realize that because I stored it in the fridge, the ganache icing hardened and so when I had it the last time it tasted like a piece of chocolate. So that was my bad.

This time, I had the cupcake on the day I bought it. The ganache turns out to be a very chocolatey icing and the texture now goes well with the sponge cake beneath. But the cake base is not as moist as the one from Cupcakes With Love. In fact Cedele seems unable to make moist sponge cake, at least not for the chocolate flavor. I’ve tried their chocolate sponge cake with raspberry jam, and I was pretty disappointed by its dryness. Anyway for the cupcake, i like the rich chocolatey taste but I wish they would tone down the sweetness. Maybe it’s meant to be eaten with coffee, still they should consider those who want to have it on its own.


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