Alex the Chubby Baby

Alex turned 2 months old last Wednesday, and what a big difference in terms of size since he was born and when he was 1 month old. We took him to Dr OK that day and his weight was taken and it was a whopping 7.14kg (15.71 lbs). That is more than double his birth weight! Dr OK told us he’s now in the 97th percentile of the weight for babies in his age group, but she is not alarmed by his rapid weight growth. She told us that it’ll slow down from now. My husband thinks most of his weight is due to his large head, which is measured to be 40.1cm in circumference. His body length has grown to 59cm, which is a little less than what I hoped for (I was hoping he would have developed long legs).

That same day, I brought Alex to have lunch with Natasha and baby Liam at Canton Paradise restaurant. It was funny to see Alex being the same size as Liam even though the latter is 4 months old already. One restaurant staff even asked us if they were twins. Natasha thinks Liam has thunder thighs but she was amazed to see Alex even chubbier. Here’s a picture of both of them, too bad Liam’s stroller had his shade down and so his face is in the shadow. I know, my bad photography skill.


Last Monday, my husband and I went to Toys R Us to look for a swing for Alex to sleep in. I had earlier checked out this blog Troublesome Tots on how baby sleeps better in a swing and the author also suggested playing white noise to the baby. The rationale is that when the baby is inside the womb, he/she experiences a lot of movement and pretty loud noise for 9 months. In fact the noise level is only slightly lower than a lawn mover. So baby actually likes loud white noise. This also explains why colicky babies tend to settle down when they are in a moving car or stroller or exposed to white noise such as that from a vacuum cleaner or dryer.

We got Alex to try out a swing and a couple of rockers. He didn’t feel comfortable in the swing, my husband commented he had a worried look on his face. But he was comfortable in a Fisher-Price rocker which has a vibration function. It’s a pity the rocking motion is not mechanized. It turns out Alex prefers the rocker to his cot. He can go into deep sleep in it. I know there’re baby experts out there who advise against rocking the baby to sleep, but if you deal with a baby who refuses to sleep on the cot on his own, you need another solution.


Here’s a happy Alex in his rocker.


Alex can get rather cranky in the evening, what the blog called the ‘witching hours’ of between 5pm to 11pm when a baby doesn’t want to sleep. Lately he also wants to suckle on the breasts rather than taking to the bottle of milk. To be honest, I rather that he takes the bottle since it’s quick and less tiring for me. Unfortunately i don’t know why, he’s rejecting the bottle more often than not now, unless he’s very hungry or sleepy. So most times in the wee hours of the night, he takes the bottle with no complaints, same when we’re out. So you see, there’s no such thing as nipple confusion with Alex.

We bought this Medela nipple called ‘Calma’ which is supposedly developed through research to make baby suckle just like from the mother’s breast. Guess what? Alex doesn’t like it. In fact I’ve better success feeding him using the wide base Medela nipple, though I have to use stealth to quickly shove it into his mouth to fool him when he only wants to breast feed. But it only works sometimes. The boy’s too smart for his own good! The problem is I only have one wide base nipple cuz it comes with the breast pump from US. I called the local distributor here and found out that only standard nipple is available in Singapore. WTH!! Anyway we found out that as long as we make sure he’s really hungry, he takes the bottle regardless of standard or wide base nipple.

Alex is also trying to raise his big head, even though his neck muscles are still not strong enough to raise his head without support. But he’s undetered and keeps trying. We put him down on his tummy on the changing mat after his bath recently, and he managed to raise his head for a bit of time. He looks like the Michelin baby here with his chunky arms.



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