There’re baby rooms and there’re baby rooms

I’ve never checked out nursing or parent’s rooms before baby is here. Why should I when I didn’t have to? But now, the availability of one is a necessity when we take Alex out. Luckily it’s available in almost all the malls. Naturally I can’t resist making comparisons. But first, what makes a good nursing room? To me, it should have the following amenities: hot/cold water dispenser, chair/bench, changing table (this is a given I guess), sink with hand soap and paper towels, changing linen dispenser, diaper dispenser, and spaciousness.

So, of the various nursing rooms I’ve visited so far, which is the best? Personally, I really like the one at Ion orchard. It not only looks good but also smells good. I’m sure those of you who’ve been to Ion know that the mall has a wonderful perfume scent, even in its bathrooms and this applies to the nursing rooms as well. It also has a pot of orchid and a standing fan in the room as well, which is really a nice touch. But this is nothing if the amenities suck, Ion, however, fits the bill in all categories. But it would be perfect if there’s an additional chair in the room. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the room, but will do so and put them up when I’ve the chance. Out of 5 stars, I’ll give it 4.5.

Meanwhile here’s a comparison of the other nursing rooms I’ve been to. First is the nursing/parenting room at Changi Airport Terminal 2, departure hall. It’s very spacious, with even separate breast feeding room which can be locked (see the third picture). Most amenities are available except for changing linen dispenser. While we were there, we notice that the room is rather popular with the airport staff; no, it’s not because they bring their kids to work or that many female staff have to use their breast pumps. They are there for the hot water.


As you can see, the decor is nothing to shout about. The room is purely functional.


Breast feeding room

I rank this room 4 out of 5 stars.

The following is the nursing room at Changi City Point mall. I checked out the ones on the first floor. One of them (near to the Spaghetti Goemon Japanese restaurant) has attached nursing area which has no partition. In fact, strangely the door to the nursing room cannot be locked. So it’s not for breast feeding. The other nursing room has 2 separate attached breast feeding areas which are cordoned off using curtain. The nursing room doesn’t have diaper or linen dispenser, but at least it has hot/cold water dispenser.


I rank this 3.5 stars. I prefer more privacy for the breast feeding area and so a locked door is a plus for me.

This is the parent’s room at Singapore Expo (located close to Subway cafe). It’s pretty big; with 2 changing tables and 4 breast feeding rooms. In fact arm chairs are provided in each nursing room.




We didn’t use the parent’s room; my husband said we should have come here instead of using the one at Changi City Point mall. So I can’t remember if there’s any diaper or linen dispensing machine. So I’m afraid I can’t rank it this time.

At Parkway Parade mall, the parent’s room is only located at Isetan departmental store, third floor. It’s pretty big though, with 2 separate breast feeding rooms which can be locked. There’re hot water pot and a cold water container available.



There are even plastic bags available for dirty diapers at the 4 changing tables.

This parent’s room gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Finally the parent’s room at Vivocity, which is rather basic.

There’s no dispenser of any sort and no separate breast feeding room either. But at least there’re hand soap and paper towels available. So this only gets 3 stars from me.

As I check out more parent’s room, I’ll put them up for reviews in my blog.


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