We brought Alex to see the pediatrician, Dr Anita Menon, who’s the attending physician at the Thomson Pediatric Clinic at 112@Katong mall last Monday. She’s a matronly looking lady who looks more like a school principal. I think she’s in her early 50’s and of mixed Indian and Chinese parentage, judging from her look. Before seeing her, Alex had his weight taken and I was a little taken aback to find out that Alex was 5 kg (11 lbs). I thought that was quite a lot of weight he had put on.

Anyway I call her Dr Ok, cuz she kept saying ‘ok’. But apart from that, she’s a pretty reassuring doctor. We had a lot of questions for her like whether Alex was overfeeding (we tried 90ml as suggested by KK hospital but had a lot of difficulty stretching feeding time beyond 2 hours, and so we increased to 100ml which was better), whether it was alright to feed him cooled boiled water to stretch feeding time, and how to reduce gas in his tummy etc.

Dr Ok has a different view from KKH, she thinks that Alex can afford to have 120ml per feed, which will allow him to sleep longer. She doesn’t think that Alex is overweight and in fact is in the 3rd percentile group of 50-75%. She doesn’t recommend we feed him cooled boiled water, unlike what Gina Ford suggested in her book; Dr Ok’s view is that the water will fill up the baby’s stomach and may reduce his next feed. We were quite concerned about the guttural breathing noise Alex had; but were assured that it was normal for baby to make breathing noises because the nasal passage is still rather narrow. In fact it happens to 60% of babies. She also discovered that Alex has a fungal infection called ‘thrush’ around his neck and a little around the groin area, prescribed an anti-fungal cream for him.

We spent quite a bit of time with Dr Ok, think it was almost 15 minutes, since we had so many questions on Alex for her. She’s pretty nice to waive the consultation extension charge. My husband and I are definitely taking Alex to see her again. Like I mentioned earlier, we find her rather reassuring and think that Alex is in good hands with her. But the meetings will be strictly on pediatric issues, no off-topic discussions unlike our meetings with gynae Loh. I just don’t see how we can banter with Dr Ok on politics or economics or something else, because unlike Loh, she doesn’t seem like a quirky person to me. Perhaps it’s our first visit, but she does seem a little prim and proper to me, thus the school principal impression.

(Update on 8 July)
Forgot to mention that the pediatric clinic at 112 mall has an appointment system for consultation. So you hardly see any patients waiting inside it. It’s a real appointment system, by the way, not like the one in Loh’s clinic where you have to wait till cows come home before you get to see him. Of course I understand it’s easier for the pediatric clinic since the doctor isn’t called away for birth delivery.


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