The full month

Baby Alex turns one month today. Time really flies; it’s not been an easy first month, admittedly. He has been hospitalized twice within his first month alone. The first time was a pretty emotional one for me since poor Alex was dehydrated from insufficient feeding. My husband and I went from one extreme to the other, feeding him whenever he wakes up. As a result, we were feeding him at all hours and it exhausted the hell out of us. So during the second hospitalization we learned that it was possible to get him to feed on a 3-hourly schedule. The KKH nurses showed us that it was ok to get Alex to suck on a dummy (aka pacifier) to pacify him while waiting for feeding time.

I want to thank Natasha and Mae for providing tips and advices on feeding and parenting. In fact Natasha told me that it was thanked to KKH nurses that Liam was put on a 3-hourly feeding schedule when he was hospitalized there. Natasha also affirms using the pacifier, and suggested upping the feed amount by 10ml to stretch the time between feeds if Alex was hungry before the 3-hour is up. So after Alex left KKH, my husband and I have been trying to condition Alex to feed every 3 hours, and using the pacifier to calm him when he cries before the time is up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t when he’s really hungry. But we’ve managed to stretch it to 2.5 hours and sometimes 3 hours.

Mae actually thinks that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and baby. Based on her experience, her daughter only moved to the 2.5 hourly feeding schedule when she’s between 6-8 weeks old, and only goes into 3 hourly feeding later. In fact she was only put on the Gina Ford routine when she was 3 months old. I guess we can give it another few days to see how far we can stretch the feeding time. The thing with Alex is that when he has a diaper change, he tends to think he’s hungry though he may not be. And he has to be pacified because he’ll become fretful. It’s quite an effort to do this in the middle of the night when you’re groggy from lack of sleep. I’m a little tempted to put Alex in a routine to see if he can be more settled and easier to manage. But I also wonder if it’ll work since the routine is on a 3-hourly feeding schedule. Maybe I’ll have to wait till Alex goes into the 3-hourly routine first.

From Gina Ford’s book, my husband and I realize that we may have been over-feeding him that causes him to have too much wind in his tummy, and he suffers from the discomfort and gets cranky. We’ve feeding him 100ml of formula milk at every feed (sometimes included breast milk) and he feeds like 10 times a day. So we’re reducing the feed to 90ml. I also found out from the book that perhaps Alex is a ‘sucky’ baby, ie he likes to suckle and so this explains why he finishes the bottle is less than 10 mins time even though we got him a slow-flowing teat. We followed the advice to give him some cool boiled water and the pacifier, it worked once. But the wind in his tummy is causing problem for him and us. I’ve been trying to find ways and means to resolve the problem including giving Alex gripe water, which I had initially pooh pooh the idea.

We celebrated Alex’s full month yesterday over dinner at Canton Paradise restaurant at 112@Katong mall. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but unfortunately was spoilt by certain family members. My husband and I are absolutely fine with taking advice from those experienced in baby care, but when you have someone who has never taken care of a baby in his life and yet dishing out instructions like he’s the expert, it does piss the hell out of us, especially my husband who is made the recipient. And worst my husband was made to feel like he didn’t know any better. The family member doesn’t say it to my face because I wouldn’t mince my words in my reply regardless of who he is. (I’ve given him the black look more than once when I disagree with his comments, and did not try to hide my displeasure in the tone of my voice.) Anyway it came to a point when my long-suffering husband had had enough and he blew his top. So unfortunately the mood during dinner was dampened. I don’t blame my husband, instead that family member should leant to be contrite. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re wiser.

Anyway happy full month, Alex! We’ll organize a better one-year birthday celebration for you.


One thought on “The full month

  1. happy belated one month Alex! Sorry to hear that the joyous occasion was dampened by unwelcome remarks. I’d be pissed if that happened too.
    Re. routine/GF, yes like Mae says, don’t be too hard on yourself. I realized I was, and well thankfully it paid off but I could have relaxed a little. It wasn’t easy leading up to 6-7 weeks but finally when everything was in placed, it was a huge relief.
    I’ve added you to the GF mommies support group and the encouragement there is very motivating.
    For a start, try establishing a constant wake up morning time everyday. And then followed by waking him up for feeds at suggested time. Once his sleep is more establish, the feeds will follow like clock work. Sleeping well = feeding well. You’ll get there, I’m sure. And once you do, it will be such a breeze 🙂

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