The skinny so far

Baby Alex is 3 weeks old now, and during the past week, he experienced a growth spurt. We can see he’s grown longer and his face is chubbier. In fact I weighed him a couple of days ago and he was 4kg (8.8lbs), which means he’s gaining weight steadily. But a sign of the growth spurt which affects us is his ravenous appetite. Instead of feeding once every 2.5-3 hours apart, he’s crying for a feed every 2 hours or less. A couple of nights ago, he had to be fed like once every 1.5-2 hours the whole night, and I was seriously exhausted. What made matter worse was he peeing and pooping while changing his diapers and caused his top to get dirty, which I then had to change it. Imagine you’re bleary-eyed from sleepiness, and still have to feed and change the diaper, and while changing he took a big dump on the changing mat! And not doing it once during the night, but twice!

I’ve never cleaned up so much poo in my life. But most of all, I’ve never been hit by poo until now. During the past one week, while changing Alex, he shot pee and poo with a vengeance, twice. My leg was in the line of fire and ended up with poo on it. While I’m yelling, “Shit, Alex! Why didn’t you hold it till I’ve put on your diaper?”, Alex has a relieved look on his face and my husband laughing non-stop at one side unscathed. Even though I gave birth to Alex, it’s my husband who reads his cues better than me, “he has that constipated look on his face, which means he’s going to poo. So when you see that look, you’ve to wait for a few minutes before changing him.” So now when I change Alex, I make sure I stand at the side, and not directly in front of him.

Anyway how have I been doing? I feel like a cow cooped up in a barn (house) most of the time, trying to produce as much milk as possible. At least production is improving, though formula milk still make up the majority of the feed Alex is taking. I hope that in a few weeks’ time it’ll be the other way round. My husband and I have also realized the importance of giving baby hypoallergenic milk. My husband initially didn’t realize the significance and got another brand of milk powder which is not hypoallergenic, and we found that the powder doesn’t dissolve as well in water. Not only that, it doesn’t digest as well and causes Alex to have a lot of gas.

I’m also having afternoon naps now, which my husband strongly suggests I take them. But I’m still suffering from sleep deficit. I’ve to try to find time to rest. What’s also bothering me is that I haven’t started brisk walking in my bid to resume exercise. I’m hoping I can take Alex out for walks either in the morning or early evening.

As mentioned earlier my husband is able to connect with Alex better than me. He’s also able to soothe him when he’s cranky and to get him to laugh. My husband calls himself ‘the baby whisperer’, which I’ve to admit he’s one, at least for Alex.



But at least I can smell the pee or poo without having to open up Alex’s diaper to check.


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