Waiting to exhale

My husband commented yesterday that we’re holding our breath, waiting for baby Alex to arrive. Quite a few friends and relatives are speculating when he decides to leave the tummy hotel and ventures out into the world. I checked out WebMD on the possibility of inducing labor naturally and there’re only 2 possible safe ways: acupuncture and sex; though more research has to be done for confirmation. But the ultimate advise is to rest as much as possible and wait patiently for baby, because it’ll take a lot of energy to take care of the little one.

So right now my husband and I are basically going about spending time together day by day, while waiting for Alex, since our couple-hood days will be ending very soon. Still we’ve to tell Alex that tomorrow is a good day to come, which is what’s suggested by quite a few friends. To be honest, even though I know I won’t have much sleep when he’s here, I’m pretty tired of dragging around the extra 12.5kg (27.5 lbs) of weight. (Yes, I’ve finally met my target weight gain for the pregnancy!) I think perhaps I’ve enough of the break, especially since I’m already 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant, almost reaching the full 40 weeks. Yesterday, I had a bit of a scare because I couldn’t feel Alex moved in the morning (when he usually tends to be rather active). I quickly played some Mozart for him (which never fails to stimulate movements), and he did move some. Later the baby whisperer aka my husband patted on my tummy to wake him up. He was more lethargic than usual and my husband wondered if we should go to the hospital for a check, but Alex did move quite a bit later in the day and in the evening. Thank God this morning, he was back to his old self.

Of course I do know that once Alex is here, I may not have much time to blog as often; at least not so in the initial few weeks I guess, judging from Natasha’s experience. One thing for sure, there’ll be no more funny debates with gynae Loh until maybe a couple of years later if we decide to have another baby. So I’ll have to find new source of ideas. My husband doesn’t think the pediatrician will be as interesting, and I agree.

I’m not sure if we’re ready for baby’s arrival, but we’ve done what we can. The hospital bag (luggage) together with the necessary documents is in the car trunk. The baby cot, clothes and bathing items are all standing by. As you can expect from a first-time mom, I bought organic bathing gel and bottom balm for Alex, and laundered all his clothes and anything he will used in organic detergent, and currently looking for organic baby wipes. If not for the fact that a newborn baby requires frequent diaper change (like 8-10 times a day), I would have bought organic diapers as well. I know, but all first-time parents tend to go overboard. Here is Alex’s cot with the mosquito net. We’ve also set up a mobile arch and a portable fan for him.


Anyway my in-laws, especially my mother-in-law, are looking forward to the arrival of Alex. I understand from my husband that his mom also has their bags packed to come over at a minute’s notice. Apparently she thought she could wait around at the hospital lobby for Alex’s birth so that she could see him immediately. I told him that she’s not allowed in the delivery suite. Besides, Alex will be with me once he’s born and she won’t get to see him until I’m in the maternity ward and even then, she has to wait till it’s visiting hour since this is the hospital’s policy here (in Singapore). My husband explained that she’s been waiting for this day for a long, long time, and so she’s ultra eager to see her first grandchild. But he realizes he should only inform his parents when we’re settled and they can take their time to come to the hospital.

As a record of my pregnancy experience, here’s me taken last Thurs (24 May), when I was 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant. My tummy is really sharp and narrow, so much so that it’s really hard to tell from my back that I’m pregnant.




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