The magnificent cheongsams

Again, I scoured the internet for beautiful cheongsams for dress ideas that I can tailor-make for myself. Below is a cap-sleeved blue and pastel yellow colored print cheongsam with elaborate floral buttons, that has the typical 1940’s Shanghainese style of high collar (which is my favorite cheongsam style). This is made using soft flowy silk fabric with the zipper at the side. Under the hands of a master tailor, you can be sure it’ll drape beautifully on the wearer’s body.

This is another cap-sleeved cheongsam but with simple buttons. If you have a cheongsam with bold floral print that you want to wear often, you can opt for simple buttons or no buttons (but with hidden studs).

Below are two cheongsams which show the use of a brooch to complement the dresses. Notice the right cheongsam has simple horizontal stripes and no buttons, but the elegant brooch allows the dress to stand out.

The fabric of this cheongsam reminds me of a mermaid dress. Despite the bland light grey color, I still feel that it looks pretty sexy, or is it the wearer who makes it so? If I’m going to tailor-make a similar dress, I’ll search for a fabric in pastel-blue color instead.

This is a luxurious-looking cheongsam which might be made from a red velvet fabric with burnt-out floral print (since I can’t observe the fabric up close). I like the light green piping and floral buttons which complement the red so well. This is a long cheongsam, so it will make a really outstanding dress for a formal occasion like a wedding for instance.

This is another cheongsam strictly for the formal occasion. It’s covered with sequins and hence no buttons. Personally I’m not sure if I’ll wear a sequin-covered cheongsam, but I know some women love the blings. Beware that the dress can be rather heavy.

The navy blue and gold colors of this cheongsam make it looks really regal and stately. There’re different buttons used; the front buttons are large elaborate floral ones whereas simple ones are used for the side.

The two pictures below are cheongsams made from a see-through top fabric over a thicker lining that really show off the sensuality of the dress. The first picture is taken from a scene from the movie ‘Lust, Caution’ (色,戒), where the main protagonist played by Chinese actress, TANG Wei (汤唯), was dressed in a number of beautiful cheongsams in the movie. Notice that simple buttons are used so that the workmanship of the beautiful cut and the fabric are emphasized instead. I had a cheongsam tailor-made in the same style, but unfortunately the top fabric I chose wasn’t translucent enough and so it isn’t as outstanding as these two.

Judging from the picture, I believe this cheongsam has a flared hemline which gives it a contemporary look and hence can be paired with the gladiator heels. It also has a rather interesting exotic print.

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