Are we there yet?

That’s my question to baby Alex. I’m now in my 38th week of pregnancy, and basically waiting for him to arrive. My husband quipped to him, “Alex, can you send us a note on when you’re coming?”

To be honest, I’m torn between wanting Alex to come soon and wanting a final break before his arrival. Right now, I’m having swollen feet and ankle, numbness and tingling in my hands and left hip bone, although they’re only causing mild discomfort. My friend, Natasha, told me the swelling she had went away the day after childbirth, so that’s good to know. I’m also looking forward to sleeping on my back when baby is out. Because of him, I’ve to alternate sleeping positions from lying on my right to left and then back to right the entire night. Thank God I don’t have backache now, but the extra weight I’m carrying (11kg or 22.2lbs) and the shortness of breath are also a bloody pain. I now know how overweight people feel.

But I also know that once Alex arrives, there goes my whole night sleep and social life. Natasha has been able to attend 2 playdates so far, but she did comment that having to lug the baby bag around is a pain in the ass and got her wishing her baby is back in her tummy. But all thought of that dissipates when he smiles at her.

I’ve also not been going for long walking exercise ever since I experienced spotting about 2 months ago after a 3-km walk. And I’ve also stopped weights exercises for the past 1 month. But I haven’t stopped other physical activities like doing household chores, which is part of nesting I guess. I’m trying not to over-tire myself ever since my tummy got much bigger a couple of months back. Hopefully I’m able to get back to exercise 2 weeks after Alex is out, starting with walking. But I’ll have to see how to work that around his routine.

Still the waiting is a bit of a pain in the ass for both my husband and me; I read that it’s still a mystery what triggers labor, though there’re numerous theories. We don’t know what signs will signal the impending arrival of Alex. I’m taking precaution like laying absorbent pads on my side of the bed, my usual seat position on the leather coach and in the car front passenger seat. My husband is adamant that the mattress and the car seat are not wet by leaking amnio fluid. But I read that only slightly more than 10% of the preggie women experienced their water bags breaking. Then there’s ‘show’ which is the dislodge of the mucous plug that covers the cervix. Of course the surest sign is the regular contractions, which supposedly are like menstrual cramps. I hope I can figure that out because I don’t suffer from cramps.

Initially I had wanted Alex to come during the 39th week, but now I think it’s ok for him to come any time. My husband said to him, “Baby, your rent-free accommodation is coming to an end. You’ve to move, otherwise you’ll be evicted by Loh. It’s time for structural changes.” He’s also been repeating that my tummy is pretty big, that baby should be popping out any time. But despite the tight space, Alex is still active and seems to be comfortable settling down inside the tummy. I just hope he doesn’t end up as an over-stayer because I wanna avoid having gynae Loh to induce me. Despite what he thinks, I still feel that there’re high risks to induction which should only be done when absolutely necessary.


Anyway I guess I should take the advice of some friends, which is to rest as much as possible before the arrival of Alex. My husband and I are also watching as many movies as possible since God knows when we’ll be able to watch another one after Alex is here. So far we’ve seen ’21 Jump street’ and ‘The Exotic Marigold Hotel’ last week (I especially like the latter which features fabulous acting from the veterans like Judith Dench and Bill Nighy etc). My husband did suggest that perhaps we can have my parents babysit Alex once a week while we have some couplehood time when Alex is a few months’ old. That’s something to seriously consider since couples tend to neglect their relationships when a baby arrives, and this is not good for them. Though I hope by then, Alex will have settled down into a routine which one day of deviation will not upset it.

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