The accident

Last Saturday, shortly after 4am, there was a horrific accident involving 3 vehicles that happened at the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street (near Bugis Junction mall). A Ferrari (apparently a rare model, 599 GTO), ran the red light and crashed headlong into a taxi. The impact was so great that the taxi was flung aside, crashing into a motor-cycle traveling next to it, and the taxi engine even got dislodged and landed 200 meters away. Here is an actual video of the Ferrari crashing into the taxi taken from a dashboard video cam installed in another taxi, which had initially stopped at the traffic junction, next to one which got hit.
Rochor Road Accident

Below is the mangled wreck of the Ferrari. You can imagine how freaking fast it was traveling.


And how the taxi is badly hit at the side.


This senseless accident has caused 3 lives, that of the Ferrari driver, the taxi driver and the taxi passenger. Most people don’t give a damn about the death of the Ferrari driver because it was clear he was the one driving recklessly; in fact it was reported that when he was extricated out of the wreckage, he was reeking of alcohol. What pissed most Singaporeans off is how the state-owned media portrayed the Ferrari driver, a Chinese national, as one of the victims; describing him as tall, handsome and rich, and it was a tragedy he passed away at such a young age of 31 years old, leaving behind a 4-year old daughter and a pregnant wife. The media even reported close friends and associates saying he wasn’t a heavy drinker, and a hardworking and righteous person. Well guess what? He had a female passenger with him in the Ferrari, and it was reported she is a night club hostess, also a Chinese national. She is seriously injured, and so is the poor Malay motor cyclist who suffered spinal injury when he was hit by the taxi after the impact.

The hearts of most Singaporeans go out to the 2 dead victims: the 51-yr old taxi driver, Mr Cheng Teck-Hock, who was the sole breadwinner to his family of 5, and the young Japanese passenger. The state owned media initially didn’t mention much about them and the 2 injured victims. It was only after the taxi driver passed away did the media find out about his background. His eldest daughter (21 yrs old) has just graduated from a polytechnic and had plans to further her study at a local university but now has to shelve her plan. Her 2 younger brothers are still in school. The wife revealed that he didn’t have any insurance as he couldn’t afford it. The only insurance he had is the employment insurance paid by his company.

The taxi driver was pronounced brain dead shortly after being sent to the hospital, but he hung on for 39 hours until his wife whispered into his ears that she had seen the video and knew it wasn’t his fault. He then passed away. There is now a rally cry to help his family who is left in a lurch because of what happened. For those Singapore residents who want to help them, you can send donation cheque payable to “LIM CHOO ENG” and mail it to:

c/o Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
383 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575717
Attn: Customer Service Centre

Donors should indicate their names on the back of their cheques.

Very little is known about the young Japanese female passenger, Ms Shigemi Ito, who died. It’s a pity that state-owned media didn’t bother to find out more about her, other than her being a student at Raffles Design institute. It was also reported that she was conscious after the accident, crying with pain. But what’s outrageous is that an eyewitness saw a man approaching the taxi wreck and picked up coins and dollar notes of $50 that allegedly belonged to Shigemi, and quickly walked away. Whoever did that is one bloody bastard who deserves to be hung out to dry!

I’m sorry for the loss of Shigemi’s parents and may her soul rest in peace.

Very little is also known about the injured Malay guy, Muhammad Najib Ghazli, other than his injuries and currently recovering in Tan Tock Seng hospital. Only The Online Citizen bothered to ask for news on him, whether he’s recovering well. I feel he also deserves help if his family is not well off. They may need financial help, considering healthcare cost is horrendous in Singapore, even with insurance coverage.

There are some foreigners who think that the current rising anti-Chinese nationals sentiments among the Singapore natives is an indication that they are Xenophobic. The fact is there’ve not been any hate crime committed unlike in other western countries. The natives have been very tolerant for so many years despite the government allowing more than 1 million foreigners to enter the country 10 years ago, to the point of 1 out of 3 residents is a foreigner. Unlike many countries which have requirements for foreigners working locally, this place is a free for all. Foreigners are freely competing with locals for jobs at a lower wage, the richer ones are driving up property prices, which is one of the factors for rising inflation. The infrastructure is crumbling under the unprecedented increase in population. And to top it off, when the locals voice out their dissatisfaction, they are labelled as losers and xenophobic by the government. So as expected, some idiotic foreigners feel they’re favored over the locals, and started insulting us.

Anyway this post is not so much of the anger against foreigners, but to rally help to the real victims here in this accident.


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  1. sigh. i heard about this incident but never got to read the full story with baby duties so thanks for posting this out.

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