A subdued meeting

Met with gynae Loh on Friday for my regular check up. We were 10 mins late, and upon checking with the staff, I was told that there were 10 patients before me! Which means it would be more than 1 hour wait. As usual, we didn’t want to wait around in the clinic. Instead we went to the canteen to have a drink. At Loh’s clinic, the O&G Specialist Clinic, he is now providing a water dispenser for patients (found out during our last visit a few weeks ago), and yesterday we saw a TV set up showing Mr Bean comedies. (God knows why only showing this comedy show, I forgot to ask him during this visit). Lady M was assisting at the counter when I arrived and I noticed she was dressed in a stretchy maternity dress (even though her bump wasn’t obvious, I can spot a maternity dress a mile away).

Anyway we only returned to the clinic about 1 and a quarter hour later. But guess what? There were still 2 patients ahead of me. So we had to wait around. Lady M had a patient while we were there, at least she didn’t have to assist at the counter the whole afternoon, that would have made her the most highly paid clinic assistant in the world. My husband wondered if lady M is gonna self-consult her own pregnancy. But I’m sure she needs help during the childbirth process, so Loh can assist in that regard.

We finally got to see Loh after another 15 minutes wait. Though I didn’t make any complaint about having to wait damn long to see him, he explained voluntarily that since yesterday was a public holiday, there were many patients then. Anyway I contracted a mild cold on Thursday evening and had sent him an email to ask if it was alright for me to take the Panadol cold medication. But he didn’t reply me and I wasn’t sure if he received it. I decided to wait till I met up with him to check again, which I did. He seemed a little distracted because I had to repeat the cold medication to him a couple of times. He said the usual dosage without caffeine would be fine but not the extra strength medication, and that it would help me to sleep. And it turned out he did read my email, but why the hell didn’t he reply to me? If he did, I would have taken the medicine earlier and it wouldn’t have gotten slightly worst that night. Funny thing is I was feeling ok in the day, but suffered from blocked nose in the evening. But at least I feel better this morning. Still I should see a doctor to treat the impending cough.

Back to the consultation, Loh did the Group Strep B test on me to check for vaginal infection, followed by the ultrasound scan. I realized he can understand and speak Cantonese, because after I spoke to my mother-in-law (who is here for a visit) in the dialect, he started commenting in Cantonese during the scan that baby Alex resembles my husband. I couldn’t help exclaiming, “how can you tell? His face looks squashed!” Loh insisted again. But unfortunately Alex hasn’t grown a lot since the last check; he’s only 2.55kg (5.6 lbs). My husband thinks it’s because I hadn’t eaten very much during dinner time for the past couple of weeks. So he said I have to be fatten up during these couple of weeks, the last burst to the finishing line. But at least the amnio fluid was good. I asked Loh when Alex would make his grand entrance, and he couldn’t say for sure, could be 37th week or 38th week. I was surprised by that, though my husband commented later that Loh wasn’t God. (Yeah I know, but sometimes he talks like he knows everything.) Right now I’m already in my 36th week. I’m seriously praying Alex would come only 2.5 weeks later, preferably during 39th week. Loh asked me why, and I told him I wanna have some rest before he arrives; after all I only stop work next Thurs.

I gave Loh my birth plan (printed out from BabyCenter.com) and he’s perfectly fine with my requests; basically I wanna give birth in a semi-recline position, no episiotomy if possible, and to be given Entanox (milder painkiller) before I decide if I need epidural. And I also want to breast feed exclusively, and to have any medical procedure to be done in my presence (unless medically not possible), and my husband to be with the baby if he’s taken out of the room.

I have a couple of questions for Loh, unlike the last time. I checked with him on the pediatrician for Alex. As expected he has a regular doc that he calls on, Dr Wong Ai Tin, whom my friend, Natasha, had alerted me. Even though she brings her baby boy to see her currently, she’s evaluating other doctors near her house; and she also received feedback that Dr Wong is rather expensive. My husband and I want to use a pediatrician near our house instead of having to go all the way to Thomson Medical Center. The 112@Katong mall has a pediatric center where there’s a doctor in attendance, Anita Menon. We asked Loh about her, and he said she’s alright. We have to remind him to call for her because the delivery ward staff are used to calling for his regular pediatrician.

I also asked Loh if it was still ok for me to continue with sex. He told me it wasn’t advisable at this time since sperm contains proglastin, which is used to induce labor. He suggested that I have sex during the 39th week instead. Otherwise my husband can put on a condom during sex.

Loh didn’t talk about anything else other than pregnancy issues this time. So it was a rather subdued meeting even though he was in his friendly self. Like I mentioned earlier, he seemed a little distracted that day, or maybe cuz my mother-in-law was with us.

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