Baby gifts

My husband’s siblings in the US asked him some time ago if we’ve a baby registry, as they like to get something for us. Unfortunately we don’t since it’s not a culture to set up such a registry here. Initially my husband thought of a baby jogger, but I felt a breast pump would be more useful.

A couple of friends, including Cassia, recommended the Medela electric breast pump. In fact Cassia told me to get the model (Pump in Style) from UK, where she got hers from, as it’s cheaper (about S$450) than what’s available in Singapore (S$639 during the baby fair at Takashimaya Shopping Center in March). Too bad I dunno who is coming from London to Singapore. So I checked it out online and found out it’s even cheaper in the US. In fact JC Penney is selling it (in a tote bag) for US$250 (about S$310) in its online site. It received very good reviews, though a couple of people said it was rather expensive. I thought to myself, wait till these people come to Singapore. They’ll baulk at how much it costs here; without discount, it’s S$739, more than double what they have to pay in US. Baby stuff is so much cheaper over there.


So I suggested to my sister-in-law, Angela, the Medela breast pump as a baby gift that they can share among themselves. Shipping cost to Singapore is also rather reasonable at US$44 for quite a heavy item. It was a surprise to us when my husband’s youngest brother, Francis, came to Singapore last weekend for a business trip, and he brought the breast pump for us. Not only that, Francis and his wife, Hua, also got separate baby gifts for my husband and me: a new father handbook and a Kate Spade baby bag respectively.

I’m super pleased with the baby bag which I quickly realize that it can double up as a hospital bag as well.



The bag was chosen by Hua, and I emailed her to thank her for her good taste. It’s pretty chic and rather roomy with lots of pockets. But I realize that I also have to pack for my husband as well since he may decide to stay with me at the hospital during childbirth. And unfortunately the bag isn’t big enough for all the toiletries, 2 towels and clothes. So I’ve to have another bag for the clothes and shoes. Yeah, I know it sounds like I’m packing for a vacation. Thank God I don’t have to pack for baby since the hospital will provide for that.


4 thoughts on “Baby gifts

  1. Nice Kate Spade baby bag 🙂 I’ve got one as well but it isn’t big enough to hold all the newborn stuff if you are bringing this out with your baby. Also, you need to pack for the baby – bring a swaddling blanket and a piece of going home bodysuit for Baby Alex. I didn’t bring my swaddling blanket to Gleneagles and i had to wrap my baby home in my cardigan.. All the best for your delivery!

    • Thanks! You’re right, the Kate Spade bag is not big enough to hold everything considering that I’ve to pack for my husband as well. I turned out having to have another bag. My husband took one look and said, “why don’t you use a luggage instead?” So now everything fits into one baggage. 🙂
      I’m going to Thomson for my childbirth delivery. According to the hospital website, they’ll provide baby vests, swaddling blanket, mittens, diapers and even toiletries. So I don’t think I’ve to bring any swaddling cloth. I guess at Gleneagles, they’ll charge you even for a plaster.

  2. nice bag! 🙂 And wise choice on the pump. The PIS suction is definitely better than the freestyle that I have and during the initial days especially, will come in handy in really stimulating those boobs. I actually had to borrow a friend’s avent dual which had a stronger suction to get the whole milk production going before I could switch back to freestyle when full supply kicked in.

    • Have you tried the PIS model? It was recommended to me by a couple of friends, and I also checked out the reviews which are positive. Hopefully I’ve no problem using it. I had initially considered a manual pump but a friend advised that electric one is much better. Even CLB book also recommends electric pump.

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