Sweets review

Cupcakes galore
A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I spotted this cupcake shop at 428 Joo Chiat Road, which is new, ‘‘Hey, Cupcakes’‘. Naturally I couldn’t resist checking it out.


The pictorial signboard shows a wide selections but there were only a few available at the counter. The staff explained that they’re still in the process of making them. Well, I feel that if you’re going to show customers what you have to offer, then you should make sure you have them available. So I feel that the founder doesn’t seem to have all her ducks in a roll.


Anyway I bought one peanut butter cupcake to try, and it’s considered a special cupcake, for S$4. I was given a box which holds the cupcake in place.



The cupcake has peanut butter cream frosting on top of a moist chocolate cake, with chopped peanuts sprinkled on top of the frosting. I thought it was quite good, unlike many other cupcakes which are rather dry. My husband agreed, but thinks it’s rather steep at S$4 since the cupcake is rather small at about 2 inches in diameter. The website states that the ingredients used are of high quality and hence the higher cost of the special cupcakes. But the frosting for this Peanut Butter cupcake is made using Skippy’s peanut butter jam, how is that considered high quality ingredient?

Today I decided to check out another store selling cupcakes known as ‘Blue Magnolia, located at 146 Market Street, #01-38 Market Street Carpark (also know as Golden Shoe Carpark). Each cupcake is S$2.80, and there is a one for one promotion. I got a Triple Chocolate cupcake and a Peanut Butter cupcake.



I took the Triple Chocolate while my colleague, Diana, had the Peanut butter. I find the chocolate cake rather dry, but Diana likes the texture. She seems to prefer it drier, and thinks it’s better than the ones from Da Paulo Gastronomia and Twelve cupcakes.

TWG’s brunch
Last weekend, my husband and I had brunch for the first time at TWG Tea Company. We have had lunch and tea previously, but have not tried brunch. Both of us took the MidSummer set at S$40++ each. I thought it’s quite a good deal since it comes with a pot of tea, a juice, a vegetable quiche, a piece of scone and muffin, and a slice of cake or tart.

I had a non-caffeinated tea, Cream of Vanilla, at the recommendation of the the waitstaff. It has a beautiful scent!


The vegetable quiche is quite tasty and in large portion too.


I had muffins while my husband had the scones. They are served with light cream and tea-infused jam, which are simply lovely!



We were so full that we had to have the desserts doggy-bagged. I chose a raspberry tart and a mixed berries cake. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them, but I have to say my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that the pastries are pretty good, especially the mixed berries cake.


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