Late pregnancy musings

Now that I’m 35 weeks into my pregnancy, it won’t be too long before we welcome baby Alex into the world. I’m also gaining weight steadily, though I think Alex is the one who is gaining those weight.

Then there’re the discomforts that appear now that the tummy is pretty big, like my fingers have swelled a little such that I’ve great difficulty putting on my rings and so I’ve stopped wearing them. There’s the feet swelling that tends to get worst on workdays since I don’t walk as much as when I’m not working. I’m also having backache because my back has to take on a heavier load. In fact I’ve put on more than 10kg (22 lbs) so far, and my waistline is 38in. But at least I don’t suffer from backache when I sleep on my sides now. It’s also during these past one week or so that I start to feel pretty warm; there’re times when I’m sweating like a pig. Now that Alex is bigger, he is producing a lot more heat for me to get rid of. So here’s me with my bigger tummy.


My colleague, Wendy, asked me during lunch 2 days ago whether I was nervous with the impending birth. Thing is, I’m not or at least not yet. I’m not sure if I’m fully prepared for labor but at least I know what to expect. I’m actually a little more concerned about the family expanding from size of 2 to 3. Having gone through couplehood for so long, it’ll be a total lifestyle change when Alex is here. My friend, Natasha, who gave birth almost a month ago, told me there’re things that caught her by surprise, like breastfeeding for instance. It turns out harder than she thought and she has to supplement the feed with formula milk. She also didn’t expect to be cooped up in the house all day long other than the time when the baby had to be hospitalized for 2 days and taking him to the pediatrian. So last weekend when her husband wanted to go to the nearby mall for a haircut, she offered to accompany him and it was such a relief to be out of the house for 2 hours.

That is something to think about, though I’ve somewhat suspected that’s the case especially when Gina Ford of Contended Little Baby fame wrote in her book of the same title, that moms have to put up with restrictive social life in the first couple of months in order for babies to settle into a good routine. I guess that’s what you call sacrifice, though that’s not something I like to hear since I’ll get antsy when I’m stuck at home for more than 2 days.

Anyway, another colleague, Catherine, told me of her friend’s experience, “she has 3 children, first 2 are girls aged 14 years and 8 years old, and then she got pregnant accidentally not long ago and now has a son who’s 10 months old. When her first daughter was born, the baby was seen as so precious, and all the bottles and pacifier (or dummy) were sterilized or boiled. Then when 2nd girl came, the pacifier was only rinsed under tap water. Now with the baby son, my friend can’t even be bothered. She just cleans it on her clothes.”

Both Wendy and Catherine also had similar experience with their 2 children, first child had all the new stuff and lots of pictures taken, second child has to accept the hand-me-downs and much fewer pictures. Well, my husband already said we’re keeping baby Alex’s clothes for the next child regardless of boy or girl. And this mommy is also using organic wash detergent to launder the clothes and bought an organic baby bath gel for Alex.

So far, the baby preparation is 80% complete. We’ve got the cot, movable storage and mozzie net, and the laundry work of baby stuff is also almost done. Next thing for me is to prepare the hospital bag, the birth plan, and make copies of the invoices of prenatal checks for claims later. There’re still a few more stuff to get for baby particularly for bath and change, like nappy cream and sterile cotton balls. Hopefully by next week, we should be all done.

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