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Veganburg is a fast food restaurant that serves a plant-based menu, basically vegan burgers with sides like fries, vegan franks and minestrone soup etc, with juices. According to the founders, despite being meat-free, the food is tasty, healthy and ethical. I’ve seen their original outlet, located at Jalan Eunos (near where I live), but have never ventured in. A few weeks ago, I discovered an outlet at Golden Shoe Carpark and decided to check it out. Like the usual fast food restaurant, the menu offers burgers on their own or in a set. I chose the Hawaiian Pineapple burger set which comes with burger, fries with seaweed flakes and a juice (no soda, fizzy drinks here). The burger comes with a slice of grilled pineapple and a soya patty with sweet plum sauce. They are sandwiched between 2 ciabatta buns with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.


After I took a bite of the burger, I realized it was cold. Unlike other fast food restaurants where the burger turnover is rather high because of high traffic volume and hence burgers are made constantly, there’re not many customers at this outlet. So the pre-made burgers sat on the counter for a bit of time before they were served. Anyway the burger tasted pretty ok, but I think it would be better if it was warm. However the fries are awesome! I really love the fluffy fries which have a touch of crisp to them. I’ve to say this is the best fries among all those I’ve tried in the various fast food joints.

There’re 3 types of juice to choose from: orange passionfruit, apple blackcurrant and spinach wheatgrass. I chose the orange passionfruit which is quite good. Total cost is S$10.85. It’s more expensive than the usual fast food set, but I guess the quality is better.

A few days ago, I returned and tried another burger, Creamy Pepper Shrooms, which is made from vegan patty with home-made creamy sauce, topped with button mushrooms and pepper. This time I requested for the burger to be freshly made, and it turned out to be pretty tasty. But the set is more expensive at S$11.85.


Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition
This year is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, to be more specific it sanked exactly a 100 years ago on 15 April. Currently the artifact exhibition is being held at the ArtScience Museum located at Marina Bay Sands. My husband and I checked it out a couple of months ago.

It was an interesting exhibition with lots of information on the ship , but the TV promo gives viewers the wrong impression that visitors are able to look around in the various staterooms, and that they can take pictures at the grand staircase. The truth is the staterooms and grand staircase are cordoned off, and you can only view from behind the barrier. That was a bit of a let down, to be honest. Also photography is not allowed, but I secretly took pictures anyway. I mean, with an iPhone in hand, you are at liberty to do it as long as you’re not caught. Though I only took a few pictures. Here’s a reconstruction of the corridor where first class staterooms are located.

My husband showing his sexy leg.

There’s also a huge block of ice where visitors can touch it to feel how freaking cold the sea water was at the time of the sinking. Apparently it was supposedly even colder than the ice. No wonder those who fell into the water went into hypothermia rather quickly.


Whimsical cake
Yesterday my husband and I were at Tampines One mall where there’s a cake shop called The Icing Room, owned by the BreadTalk Group, which offers design-yourself cake service. He pointed out a really cute cake which is a chef creation.

I wanted to take pictures of a couple of other whimsical cakes but a staff told me no photography is allowed. Honestly I don’t know why that is so, since this is free promo for them. Are they afraid of someone copying the cake design? There’s no IP involved and besides as long as the cake is on display, the design can be copied. So either the staff or the company is paranoid.


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous of the day

    • Hi there, I’m pretty surprised that there’s no vegan burger available in LA. I thought with all these celebrity chefs and Hollywood’s obsession with looking food and healthy food, there’ll be a few. Anyway Veganburg offers franchise opportunity.

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