More weird pregnancy stuff

Bleeding gums
As my pregnant progresses to 30th week now, I’m experiencing more strange changes in my body. After I entered the 3rd trimester, I started having bleeding gums whenever I floss or brush my teeth. So I checked up on the trusty BabyCenter and found that this is caused by pregnancy hormones that make the gums more sensitive to the bacteria in the plaque, a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. Though it’s been less than 6 months since I went for my regular dental check-up, I’ll schedule another one next month

Then there’s the bigger tummy which makes it increasingly difficult for me to sit like a lady, with legs closed. In fact, the protruding tummy makes it really uncomfortable to do that, and that explains why many preggie ladies wear pants, leggings, maxi dresses or basically longer dresses so that they can throw demure posture out the window. Not that I didn’t try, but at 8 months, I can tell you that you wanna sit with your legs wide while having a meal if you want to be comfortable. Since maxi dress doesn’t suit me, I’ll be wearing leggings from now on. Anyway at the suggestion of my husband, I measured my waist to see how big I’m now, and it’s 35.5 inch.


“Alien in my tummy”
Not that I think Baby Alex is an alien, but when he pokes or jabs at my tummy wall and I can see my tummy moving, it does resemble something from the movie ‘Alien’ or that scene from ‘Constantine’ when Rachel Weisz’s character was shocked to find the son of Satan squirming inside her belly. When my husband and I attended the doctors’ talk organized by Thomson Parentcraft, the last session of the Childbirth education course, the presenting gynae showed us a picture of his nephew lifted out of his mommy’s tummy during a C-section. My husband exclaimed, “that looks like an alien coming out of the body!” The other day, my husband asked me, “if you’ve to go for C-section, can I take a picture of Alex coming out of your tummy like in Alien?” I told him he would have to arrange with gynae Loh to stage the picture.


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